My wish for Biden's first state of the union

I certainly won’t watch a second of it. But I am hoping to read that every republican member of congress stood up at the end and tore up their copy of the address. Republicans are too polite and don’t have nearly enough guts to do this, but it would certainly be appropriate.

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OR someone could shout out “you lie”!


Not very original. It’s been done before. My idea has never been done by republicans. Which is why it is 1000 times better than yours. :grin:

I’m waiting for the rebuttal afterwards which could easily consist of “I have no ■■■■■■■ idea what he said therefore we cannot respond. Pretty sure he has no idea what he said either.”

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It’s not like the the GOP could become even more childish. So have at it.


He was lying.


I think they should all walk out, stamping their feet as they do.

And if they don’t Trump’s base should line their political careers up against the ballot box and primary them until the vote is empty.

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Lots of bidensplainin’ going to be happening every time he opens his mouth.

Of course his go to is to kick out the reporters or put a lid on everything and anything so he doesn’t have to be held accountable for his actions/words.

Childish? Well, if all you have to work with is jibberish… :woman_shrugging:t2:


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Yes! Whatabout! Take their cue from the Democrats!

It’s the only way to promote their bold constrating colors and save Western Civilization.

Yes! The GOP are the childish ones!

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No, just the adults imitating the childish ones!


In your mind it already happened?

No, just expanding on the wish of the OP. Hasn’t already happened, but that isn’t the point of the thread.

If they take the Senate, they will most definitely try. History.

They aren’t taking the Senate.


He was not and it was an asshat move.

I think that a good number of Republicans in that chamber will be happy that they don’t have to listen to Trump for another four years.

Remains to be seen. I seem to recall you saying you wouldn’t take the White House.

“They”? :rofl:

I certainly am.