My Voting Requirements Plan

16 hours of initial instruction

4 hours of refresher every two years


Fingerprints - both electronic and ink

$110 “administration fee” which includes a picture voter ID sold by the police.

One polling place in each major city.

You may only vote in your city.

Sounds good.

I think you need a Constitutional Amendment to implement it though.

Naw, I’ll just do it. If the court says anything about it, I’ll just ignore them.

Well then I guess I am done here.

Glad we could agree.

So if you are on vacation no vote for you?

Nope. 9-4. Closed for lunch.

no hanging chads allowed

Not sure if serious.

I am absolutely serious. The instruction requires passing two tests as well.

this is just for school board elections right?

Well that ought to suppress the urban vote nicely.

What’s your motivation with these new rules?

How many instructions does it take for you to learn how to push the button beside the candidate you’ve decided to vote for?

Makes sense. Soon manipulating the system and suppressing votes will be the only way for the GOP to “win” elections.

My guess is that this is a voting rights/guns rights comparison.


Cool, cool, cool.

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Well, there’s an amazingly dumb idea.

The only things that are missing are a poll tax and a literacy test.

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And here’s your answer… No thanks, now go away…

I think Sneaky is trying to tell us he wants us to start a fan club, and he has laid out the rules for the election of the officers of the club.