My Take on The Real AOC (Alexandria Osacio-Cortez)

I have been reading a lot about her.

She’s a Boston College graduate from a working class background.

Her appearances on television have been less than stellar and she clearly needs more seasoning. But if she wins (which there’s a 99% chance) in her congressional district, she’ll gain valuable political experience and become more equipped to handle interviews and specific policy questions.

I believe her when she says she’s not a socialist and favors a democratic socialist society like Denmark and Sweden.

Here’s my problem: Her desire for a bigger government (more social programs, tuition-free education, paid child-care services) will mean significant tax increases for both the wealthy and the middle class. There’s no way our government is going to afford paying for all these programs with increases in income taxes for just the upper class. If these democratic socialists were more realistic and/or perhaps more honest, they would make the argument that everybody’s taxes will go up, BUT you will receive more government services in the process. In other words, you will be paying for your education, child care, medical expenses through taxes, not direct charges.

It’s a worthwhile debate. Perhaps we should expand K-12 education to K-14, making their 13th and 14th year more toward their career desires. But lets not live in a fantasy world and expect us to pay for this with just tax increases on the whatever we define as wealthy.

So summation, I like her as the new face of the Democratic party. I think she has the personality for a presidential candidate. But as a monetary conservative and a pro-life conservative, I cannot logically support her candidacy.

Be it health care or education everyone should contribute some. Best way to make that happen from taxes is VAT taxes at the consumer level.

I think that you have upon what the debate actually is.

We end up paying for the civilization that we want.

The argument is whether that cost is a shared one or is placed upon the individual.

My take is that that argument is a case by case basis. What does the the most good for the least cost, especially if that cost is diffused among the populous.

There is this American tendency though to be suspicious that someone, somewhere is getting something that is not “deserved” and that is where I think a lot of it falls apart

I never support brand new (for America) style taxes. Against my policy.