My Sincere Apology To Barack Obama, Sean Hannity The Mods and All Members of the Forum

I’ve thought of doing this several times in the past, but just didnt. I apologize to all mentioned above for my behavior on these boards and for a good deal of what I posted.

When I started posting here it was a bit more wild west, though from what I understand not nearly as bad as the time before I joined. I attempted to be funny and instead I ended up making an ass of myself on many occasions. On at least two occasions I can remember I am thankful for the mods stepping in and keeping me from making an even bigger fool of myself.

Many have hit back at me over the years about my idiotic posts, and I deserved it. Keep reminding me, because I want to do better.

I’d like to share two stories that I haven’t talked about here, the second I’ve never shared with anyone.

A few years back, during Obama’s presidency, I was talking politics with my brother, something we rarely discussed, and at one point he said, “I know you hate him”. I was shocked!! Hate is a word I don’t use. I said back to him, “Hate him?? He’s my president. I’d protect him with my life if I had to.” (easy to say when you know you’ll never be in that situation, but something I still believe to my very core) I should point out that I didn’t talk politics with my brother in the same jackass way I do here a lot of the time. We were having a real conversation.

I’ve never said I hate Obama. I wouldn’t say that. But it took me until years after to realize that to others it probably appeared that way and that I was spreading hate. I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better. Keep reminding me.

The second story is the one I’ve never shared with anyone before. I kept it for myself all these years.

The morning after the election of 2008, I went to Walmart. I’d been up all night watching the election returns and speeches and celebrations. I got out of my car and started toward the store. As I walked up, a black woman was walking out and passed me. I can’t remember her face, or any details about her after all these years, but I do remember that she was whistling the happiest tune. I’m so glad that I heard her. I actually love that memory.

Once again, I’m sorry President Obama. I was an idiot and I’ll try to be better.


All that said, before anyone thinks I’ve had a stroke, I believe team Obama was doing some illegal spying and leaking. I said it right away when the russian collusion nonsense started up, and I was assured by many people here that if that was true, then they those people should face the consequences.

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Good thread and good on you, mate.

I didn’t like Obama because I knew who and what he was…but I didn’t hate him either.

And I sure as hell didn’t hate him for beating McCain because I didn’t like him either. Unlike libs…they hated Trump because he denied libs of their queen.


I don’t hate Trump because he beat Clinton…I hate him because he’s a despicable human being. One thing I can’t stand is a bully, and when you boil it diwn thats all he is. A spoiled rich kid bully with an inferiority complex. Didn’t like him long before he ran for office. I’ll add coward to that…Was scared to go when it was his turn, but loves to talk how tough he is.


Obama should of never been President! He lacked the morals and values to occupy the White House after it was exposed he was a part of Rev. Wrights church of hate!

At least Obama went to church.


Because he viewed it as a political necessity.


Well I see Obama is going to speak at 5…he’s going to address the nation. He’s going to blame it all on Trump but in his round about way…the other race baiting flame throwing Eric Holder is going to join him. The very one the that started using our CoJ, FBI and other federal agencies as political weapon against his enemies.

My first question even before he speaks…why didn’t he do something about it while he was pres. Instead he fanned the flames himself.

Pay close attention to his code words. :wink:

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A bunch of has-beens trying to be relevant during election season. At least no one cares about the China Virus anymore. :wink:


Amazing how fast that cleared up, isn’t it?


Just in time for summer (election season), too. :thinking:

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And just think, just like a week ago a few people praying in church were actively trying to kill frontline medical workers and kill off the elderly. All better now though for millions in the streets getting out the vote for democrats.


“god damn america”

-obama’s church


I know you don’t like the man, but don’t belittle his faith or doubt it because of his political leanings. Thats not right.

But you like trump even though he’s evil to the core? We all hoped trump would change once he was president, but no, he became worse.


Thank you. In my crazy partisan years I held some pretty destructive thoughts I’ve since processed. It’s easy to fall victim to them. Still.


We’ve all seen the sound bite. Seen the whole sermon?

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yep. i made a thread about it back then

funny no one keeps bringing that one up though…,

anyway enough about pathetic mindless robots

please, tell us the proper context which the “chickens have come home… < shakes jowls > …to roost (in reference to republicans asking for 9/11 attack) pastor felt god should damn america

set all the right wing whackos straight now after 15 years+

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I like the governors and mayors encouraging those “protests” when they were threatening and even arresting people for assembling just a few days prior.