My Side of the 2nd Amendment

First example.

Did you hear about this case? A man went into a dentist’s office, killed a woman, and took aim at others before being wounded by a concealed handgun permit holder. “He raised a gun to shoot me,” said dental hygienist Sabrina Steal.

An article on some stories you may not be aware of.

There are two sides to every story.

Clicked on a few links in the story, including the one that says 98 percent of mass shootings occur in gun free zones. Very well sourced and they use the FBI definition of mass shootings which removes gang shootings and other shootings that don’t really apply. I mention that because it is not always the case.

These often heroic stories do deserve more publicity, no doubt about it.

While I don’t pretend to have the answers, it seems like most mass shooters could have been stopped based on things we learn about them after the fact.


No hoplophobe comments?

I think it’s great to hear that a murderer was stopped before taking additional lives.

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You’re not a hoplophobe.

hoplophobe=someone whose opinions on guns I don’t like.

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A person with hoplophobia, a morbid fear of guns

Maybe you should stop using that word so much before it loses its punch. Like how the word “treason” got run into the ground and is now a joke.

Nope, hoplophobe=someone whose opinions on guns I don’t like.

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It is scientifically accurate.

Or racism?

Racism? Um, what?

Hopefully your logic will soon apply to Nazi, racist, homophobe…and so many other truly mean words that are just applied to something that the user doesn’t like, regardless of it’s blatant inaccuracy?

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Add Socialist and Open Borders to the list.

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Yes it’s a nice little antidote.

That’s the real definition? Cool. I suspected so.

We can stop some of them before the fact with sensible gun control laws that cons and libs can agree on. But the hyperbole about “coming to git our guns” has been propagated too widely and too many actually believe it.

God help us and our innocent children.

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He doesn’t have opinions on guns. He’s never seen a gun.


Help yourself. He likes that.

How do you know?

It’s Holy Week. A bad time to be making things up about people.

Who decides what’s reasonable? Seems that liberals all try to claim every single one of their proposals is “reasonable.”