My opinion of GA's new governor may be changing

First, let me say that I did not vote for Brian Kemp - I voted for his opponent in the republican runoff and a Libertarian in the general. I felt at the time that Kemp would be too much of a Trump lackey and therefore not a good fit for GA. His recent actions in bucking Trump with a Senate appointment has given me 2nd thoughts, and I am now reconsidering. I do plan to place a call to his office - and let him know that if he continues to show independent thought in governing the state, he could potentially win my vote in his reelection campaign. Kudos to Mr. Kemp - so far, he seems to be proving a better governor than I originally though he would.

Why would Trump get a say in the first place?

That is my take on the situation. We don’t need outsiders deciding internal decisions within Georgia.

Trump really sees himself as a king who should have a say in all matters. Unfortunately most Georgia Republicans agree with him.


Because he thinks he knows more about Georgia than actual Georgians.

If he doesn’t like Trump, he must be a hero. lol

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It’s not even just that, it’s literally a different branch of Govt.

Given some of the sycophancy that’s been on display the past couple years, the bar is low.

No one cares what foreigners think. :wink:

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And a different level of government. The Senate was originally set up to represent the states in Washington. Having a president appoint his man to the Senate would directly go against that purpose.

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You’re confusing not liking with not being a complete boot licker. Do you really want to reward toadies like Doug Collins?

Speaking of Doug Collins, I just moved into his district about 6 months ago. If he doesn’t change his ways, he won’t be getting my vote. And, if he is primaried, I will be sending his opponent some financial contributions. :wink:

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Waste of money in the Trump era. North Georgia is about as Trumpian as you can get. Maybe after this madness is over in 2-6 years, people like Collins can be primaried.

Like rewards like.

Most Republicans think Trump is a better president than Lincoln. Collins is probably in that camp. At least he is when talking to Donald.

Better than Lincoln?

No, that is pretty outrageous.

Better than Bush I or Bush II?

Count me in that group.


We don’t cotton to outside agitators around here, boy.

In my opinion this is a manufactured conflict.

Unless there is evidence that Loeffler would become a Susan Collins in the Senate, it’s just one R replacing another R.

And that replacement will face a quick special election in 2020, and then again for the normal election cycle for this seat in 2022.

If Loeffler is installed in the Senate by the guv, Collins remains in the House where he remains a strong voice for the president in a sea of libberish insanity.

The actual implications of the governor’s decision might be marginal at best, for a very short time. It’s a nothing burger issue, but one of manufactured “turmoil” by the media.



EXACTLY. It’s the Governor’s choice who fills the vacancy, not Idiot Boy or anyone!!