My God what have we done? US Child poverty skyrockets. Highest in modern record

12.4% More than one in ten.


Joe Manchin… that is why


Fro the article

It fell from 9.7% to 5.2% between 2020 and 2021.

From 9.7% to 12.4%
Child poverty post-pandemic is a third higher than it was prepandemic (and the recession hasn’t even begun yet.)

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Reinstitute the expanded child tax credit.

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That was not in effect before COVID.

During COVID we sent a bunch of checks to a bunch of people.

Somehow it backfired because when we stopped (and have an economy some people brag about) child poverty is a third higher than it was only two-and-a-half years ago.


The child tax credit payments did more to alleviate child poverty than almost anything else this country has done… of course it couldn’t last because poor people have to suffer.

So yeah… ending it would make the child poverty rate go right back up.

Blame Joe Manchin

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Before those tax credits existed child poverty was one-third lower.

Maybe we SHOULD continue them another few years
but we should recognize that sending gobs and gobs of checks and child tax credits to people resulted in a a sharp spike in child poverty.

“Mom what should I do?
I keep digging and digging but the hole gets deeper and deeper”

The spike happened when the checks stopped coming.

Single motherhood. Biggest contributor to poverty.


Are you pretending to be stupid or are you simply trying to derail intelligent discussion

Without the expanded child tax credit, child poverty was 9.7%.
With Joe Manchin doing nothing, child poverty was 9.7%.

Now, post pandemic it has risen by one third. Blaming Joe Manchin makes as much sense as blaming Bugs Bunny. (Of course you know that.)

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It went down to 5.4% when they were getting checks.

Joe Manchin was instrumental in killing that program.

Are we to believe that giving poor people money makes them poorer?

Child tax credit was allowed to expire.

The cessation of the child tax credit is literally the entire thesis of the article you linked.


It’s insensitive, but I’m going to blame the parents for this, rather than any political policy or world event.

Millennials are having kids now, and as much as the world has changed since they’ve been born, they should know better. No excuse for having children so close to the edge that they fall over into poverty during these mild times.

Batman preparation should be the minimum.


Inflation, triggered by excessive government transfers and poor energy policy is the cause of this. The rest is just confusing symptoms for causes.


Single fatherhood is ok then?

It took two to create the child and it takes two to raise the child for the best potential outcome. A single parent home is the single greatest problem in our country and is what is the largest contributor to child poverty, youth violence and for the majority of murders in this country. Once they become adults, they’re ill prepared for the responsibilities of adulthood, have children and exacerbate this problem even further in the next generation. The US is now several generations down the road.


Inflation is a huge driver especially those on the lower income spectrum. When 61% of the country lives paycheck to paycheck we’re likely one financial crisis away before the big crush. You never hear people in government talk about less spending and strengthening the dollar, just spend, spend, spend.


Silly response. A single-parent home is always going to have a harder economic time (unless the single parent is wealthy) than a home with 2 able-bodied parents. The reality is that the majority of single-parent homes will be led by a mother, not a father. Often that single parent mother will come from a middle to lower-income family and have limited resources.


Strongly agree. Poor people suffer the most from inflation.

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