My edit icon is gone?

can’t edit my posts?

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Same here. The edit icon has disappeared.

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I cannot edit my own posts now, what’s going on?

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yeah same here for me too

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Probably related to whatever fix they’re doing for the earlier incident where members could edit titles?

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I also no longer have access to edit thread titles or reclassify them. FYI…


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I thought they wanted us to have that ability once he reached a certain trust level, to alleviate some of the workload for the mods. Which makes sense and is a good feature for us to have. Those who wouldn’t abuse the privilege of course.

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I’ll check with those who know

We had to change some things as the level we were pushing people two had the ability to edit anyone’s posts. That would cause all kinds of problems, so a few changes were made. @GWH and @Talk2Bill know far more than I do on this.

I can edit can you not EDIT?


Ah, ok. I don’t know - I have my hands full editing my own typos, not sure I’d take on the job for others! :wink:


Thanks Team! You guys have your hands full and are doing a tremendous job! :+1:


thanks for the fast response Snow96

Dang it…

not positive but pretty sure the problem of being able to edit titles was cleared up either last night or early this morning without causing me to lose my edit capability.

Yeah, I noticed that about editing other’s posts. I had a few evil thoughts but thought better of them. :smile: But yeah, that’s something that needs attention certainly.

What did you do?

I munked it up. Will be available asap.

well too many had access not no one seems too!

**oh no i can **

Snow96 – I can edit. Level 2’s apparently can’t. Level 3 can edit anyone not just their own posts.

When I was level 3, I could not edit other posts… just the titles.

Not sure what’s happening but I thought I was editing my earlier post and I deleted it. And I’m finding the deletion icon available to me on other posts. Maybe it was me, but something still seems wrong. Set me up with a test post and I’ll try it again if you like.

This is obviously a Mod conspiracy to make me look like and idiot. I frequently get a thought down in writing, hit reply and then edit my posts for grammar, spelling, and typos.

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