My doggie is on the way out

Hi guys,
My doggie was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. I know I’m a ■■■■■■■, but this is my only child, the love of my life. I’m a 67 year-old science teacher and still love my school kids. School starts Thursday. I’m trying to be there. Sometimes politics doesn’t matter.


Aww, I lost one of my dogs last summer, July 17 2018. I miss him and think of him every day.

Well wishes and hugs to you over the next few days, it will be hard.

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I’m sorry for the pain you’re going through. The loss of a family member is tough.

I just lost my pupper a few months ago. I still miss him, but at least I know he had a good life.


Your doggy is adorable.

Lots of treats and pets; and go on a road trip with him/her, if you can. Hang in there.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Dog lives are too short, which makes our time together all the more precious, and it looks like your doggie has had a great life.

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Yes, Oryx. She had a great life. About the average age of death for an Italian Greyhound. It’s weird that this is an anonymous board, but It’s the only board I belong to . . . so you can process that. We are definitely a strange online family, but I appreciate the support and especially the doggie pics of your loved ones. Izzy didn’t bark at the mailman today, and that was something. By the way, the blacked out words was an abbreviation of “liberal” and a euphemism for a mentally challenged individual.



I’m so sorry. I know how much this hurts. They are family members to us. It’s so sad when we can’t explain to them what is happening.

It’s especially bad if the house is empty now. I live alone and I just lost my cat 2 weeks ago. I must have cried gallons of tears.

I adopted 2 adult cats and they ease the pain. I’ll never forget Bentley (cat that died). I try to just remember the good things and put that day at the emergency vets office out of my mind.

If you can, adopt another pet soon. Life is so painful at times. I’m so sorry.



Thanks Bill,
Sorry you are alone and that is so sad. Now i get it. I’ll try to take your advice. Maybe I’ve said it on this board or not, but I’ve always thought that dogs were better people than people.
Amadeus, aka Peter

So sorry Bill. It’s so damn hard. For the longest time we were the family with 2 dogs and 2 cats. I even signed all their names on greeting cards. Then over 17 months we lost 3 of them, now we’re down to one dog. I miss each of them so much.

It’s such a short time for us, I feel it helps to remember that it was a lifetime for them. A lifetime of love and happy lives.

Take care.

Yeah our cat is 15 and will miss her incredibly when that time comes. Somehow she really doesn’t look much different than below (about 9 there) and has had free range in and outdoors the whole time, coyotes and all.


Yeah. My brother in law, a pediatrician, said about dogs (and maybe it applies to cats). They wake up in the morning and say, hey this is great I just woke up. Let met take a pee. Oh, that was great. Let’s go for a walk or a run–oh, great, that was awesome. Let’s go to sleep on the couch–oh great, I can’t wait. Let’s wake up and eat a snack or dinner–oh, that was great. Let’s go to sleep. Really, I can’t wait, let’s go to sleep. Let’s do it all again tomorrow. Oh that’s going to be great.

They really do live in the moment.

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Hey Lucy,
thanks for you empathetic remarks. you’ve been through it. Thx again. I’ll be alright with the help of my wife.


so sorry to hear - it’s an agonizing thing to go through

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Thx TM. Humanity (and pets) keeps us together. I appreciate your thoughts. Be well.


Not going to lie. It was so so hard. I wish I had had more time at the end there to love him and spoil him. But it happened so damn fast, he was so healthy but suddenly one friggin body part failed and life could not go on, no matter how perfectly healthy the rest of his body was.

Ugh, I shouldn’t be typing this stuff, it just slays my heart.

No. You should be typing this. You are still suffering and it’s weird that it’s an anonymous board, but we are some sort of strange family. I’m here because my wife is out of town. I have been talking to my family and my therapist. But this also is a weird family. I’ve cried my heart out today. So go ahead. It’s OK. I’m not OK, but down the road a tear may turn into a smile.

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Thanks Lucy. I’m sorry to hear about your losses too. Bentley was adopted at age 5 - he had a good life with me. They make us so happy and make us live longer and we love them so much. It feels so wrong that something so beautiful could be gone from us.

Love is the most wonderful thing and the most painful thing.


Yes, time will heal. I know it really sucks right now. Crying is about all you can do for now. It’s good to cry. After Bentley died, when I was in the car alone, I’d scream out loud. It just felt so damn empty. The 2 cats I adopted last week make me laugh all the time so it helped a lot

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