My advice: sickos & felon illegals stay in sanctuary cities and Calipornia

Illegal felons, my advice to you is stay in your designated sanctuary areas. Do not export your sick deprivation to the rest of our country.

ICE should have just picked him up and deported him.

If they want Chicago PD to do their job, then money should be diverted from the agency that sits on its ass making requests, and sent to the PD doing the actual work.

You should watch how reality works, Bro. :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I bet you are another ICE hater. Sorry.

Hurry up, bro

Despite his background, Chicago declined ICE’s June 2019 request to detain Puente – raising more concerns about a jurisdiction already under fire for defying ICE. A CBS affiliate reported that Puente confessed to placing “the child on his lap while he was in a restroom stall, pulled off her pants, and covered her mouth when she started calling out ‘daddy daddy.’”

“How many more victims must there be before lawmakers realize that sanctuary policies do not protect the innocent?” Guadian asked. “Puente should have been in ICE custody last year and removed to his home country. Instead, irresponsible lawmaking allowed him to walk free and prey on our most vulnerable.”

Fortunately, there is a turnaround on this. Illegal felons are not welcome in this country and that is a message that needs to be sent to these morons who endorse sanctuary cities.

Since when was it the local government job to enforce immigration law

Yes this will mean zero crime anywhere else in America.

And, there it is :joy:

why is it the local government job to enforce immigration law.

Why are local governments snubbing their noses at immigration laws?

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Predicting that I’ll make a snarky remark doesn’t exactly. Make you the Amazing Kreskin.

It is not. And with the recent court decision we may find that it is not the Federal Governments job to provide funds to districts that do not share information with or otherwise cooperate with ICE.

I hope.

Those areas may like the money even if they don’t like protecting their people.

The actual no fooling reason is that it makes their jobs harder to do.

I though Congress controlled the budget, not The President.

Take it to Ottawa. :rofl::rofl::sunglasses::kissing::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I though America was a union of sovereign states.

You would wet your pants if you had the immigration laws Canada has.
Canada has one of the highest rejection rates among the first world.

Landed immigrant status

aka Greencard holder.

Get a green card before you touch down? What color is an immigrant card in Canada, anyway. I think one should apply before they come.