My advice for President Trump...don't take Obama bait

Don’t make it about Obama…make it about Obama policies. Make it about incompetence of goverment that he left you, the abuse they had done to society at large. the corruption etc.

Don’t give into what he’s attempting to do. Obama wants you to attack him so democrats can use that to rally their base and black voters against you.




Let’s be serious here. This is Trump we’re talking about. He’s not capable of not making it personal. He has no grasp of policy, and knows that a lot of his followers have no grasp of policy either - but they’re really good at being ■■■■■■■■■



His policies are actually good. Of course I don’t expect you to be able to see that because irony.


Whether they are “good” or not is a matter of personal opinion. You have yours, and I have mine. But that’s irrelevant to my point.

Do you think Trump is capable of campaigning on policy?

I doubt he even knows what his policy is, on any given issue.

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That is ridiculous. You are accusing what you are guilty of.

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Trump is not going to ignore Obamagate. This is the biggest scandal in American history. For three years, a false and dangerous narrative of treasonous collusion with Russia to steal the 2016 election was woven throughout the media and government. The Russia collusion hoax helped Democrats win the House of Representatives in the 2018 election, yet the Senate didn’t prioritize the issue in any way. The Senate can subpoena records and compel testimony, holding hearings if necessary, to get to the bottom of the effort from inside the U.S. government to use a false and dangerous conspiracy theory that threatened the health and safety of the republic. President Obama should be called into a Senate hearing. Republicans should remember how once they got aggressive in pushing back on the campaign to destroy Brett Kavanaugh’s life and reputation, it redounded to their benefit. Republicans should know that the Republican base is every bit as angry about the Russia hoax as they were about Kavanaugh.


And here ya go…

Trump sure does need your advice. :grinning:

I hope you send him a letter, since I doubt if he reads these forums.

It’s more likely to be read by him here then written letter. Here other people read the forum, our hose, people that works for our host that sees new ideas and talking points etc.

So what protest you been at over the years? Since you seem to know it all.

And you do? Say how about that professor Jonathan Turley doing. Is he still one of your mentors? Or did you drop him like hot potato?

I wouldn’t call Turley a “mentor” of mine - and I never have - but I think he’s a very smart man.

I think his punditry is aimed at an audience that doesn’t include me, but for the most part, that’s irrelevant.

I don’t know what his policies are.
Is it following his admin guidelines for opening up, or is it LIBERATE MICHIGAN?
Is it implementing testing better than the whole wide world combined, or is it ■■■■ it I’m just kidding about testing?
What’s his policy to get our 2 land borders opened up, let alone international air travel? Do other countries even want us there?
What’s his policy on China? Just blaming them for everything while we’re still needing stuff like prescription meds and critical defense materials?
Maybe he’ll let us know in between all the tweets about his wonderfulness and bitching about people being mean to him.

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You know his policies…Trumps been more open about it then any president in my lifetime.


No I don’t. I guess I’m just stupid.
Help me out.
What are they?

I’ll give him this one, Conan.
He’s set up a group to move out on getting facilities and capabilities established to hit the ground running if and when a successful vaccine is found.
Something Gates has been talking about for months, but at least it’s finally starting to happen.

You’re not stupid. Get pass your personal hatred of him. Yes Trump is obnoxious bore and you want to slap the ■■■■ out of him sometimes…but listen to what he’s saying.

America first, business and workers must come together for betterment of American citizens. He want to fix goverment…make it more accountable both in financial and it’s relationship towards population. That’s not going over to well ATM but that is what he want. More efficient goverment.

Sorry, those aren’t policies; they’re platitudes.

Is efficient government his yelling on Twitter at Mitch McConnell this morning to “do something” about all the criminals in OBAMAGATE while the DOJ reports to him?


He’s making it his policies…you’re just having a problem of accepting that.

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Well, let’s just take a look at how he is at campaigning on policiy.

  1. Building a wall and making Mexico pay for it: where’s that check again??
  2. Eliminate the national debt in 8 years: ummm, yeah - we’re speeding in the opposite direction at maximum warp
  3. Delivering a plan to repeal & replace Obamacare on day 1: still waiting on that one

and that’s just 3. I could go on all night with this.

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That’s the problem I have - accepting what?
It’s OK, I’m just stupid.