My advice for McConnell

Tread lightly or you will be senate minority leader comes 2021.

The fear… the desperation is setting in. :rofl:


Don’t get my hopes up!

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Party before country!



That’s my advice for McConnell, too!

With any luck he will get his ass kicked and be out of a job in 2021

You forgot panic!


Mitch needs to be very, very careful.

Why, this very day, there was a March for Trump in the Nation’s capital. Evidence of a country clamoring to move past the dirty politics and just “let Trump do his job.”

Foxnews is reporting staggering attendance as “hundreds” rushed to the President’s defense.

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“Let Trump be Trump”?

Where have I heard that before. :thinking:

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Might as well…since pols had ■■■■■■ up this country so badly.

For some reason libs think Trump would do worst.

I don’t remember a lib President asking foreign nations to investigate his domestic political rivals. Maybe you need to rethink your loyalty to Donald Trump.

Using tax payer funded foreign assistance as the quid pro quo to do it.

They’re proud about it, too.

Maybe we should have asked them to spy on em instead.

Libs are OK with that?

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Whataboutism. Nice.

How about sticking to the subject at hand.

Whenever libs do anything you froth. When Trump does it, you say “so what”

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dude I legit have a Queen, and Trump fan make us look silly.


Now that’s a burn.

I’ve yet to see a lib explain why that’s a bad thing.

This is not a good infrastructure week at all.

Are you that sure he will win re election. Lol

Very unpopular in his own state.


Well that’s true. If McConnell doesn’t watch his step then about half of republicans in Kentucky won’t turn out in 2020.