MUST SEE: Trump Leads ENTIRE Congress in ‘USA’ Chant Over Record Number of Women in Congress | Sean Hannity

President Trump led the entire US Senate and House of Representatives in the iconic ‘USA’ chant Tuesday night; highlighting the record number of women lawmakers serving in the Congress.

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And yet the Dims who wore white failed to recognize the fact that it was REPUBLICANS who defeated the Democrats’ War on Women 96-years-ago, in 1920, the 19th Amendment.

I don’t understand why the Republicans refuse to use key facts like this. They need to mirror the dirty politics of the Dims.

Unless the Federal Election Committee steps up, Trump WILL lose in 2020. The Dims WILL steal the election.

The question that needs to be asked is “Serving who?”. All these ladies in white demonstrated resistant, obstructive behavior, disrespect. The white garb clearly illuminated the fact that they are not there for the AMerican people-- serving self only. Right on Prsident Trump for recognizing them in a positive way but their infantile antics proved they are self-serving in pushing a socialist agenda.

RIGHT! THEY IN NO WAY REPRESENT THE REAL AMERICAN WOMEN WHO ARE PROUD AMERICANS - some of us from LONG lines of pioneer Americans, even with a bit if Native American REAL Americans! I was so ashamed of my SEX if THAT group of scowling faces represent womankind. Just not REAL women!! On top of THAT a MUSLIM wrapped like the American flag was just insulting! Read the Koran!!