Must See: Mark Levin Delivers His Opening Statement on Impeachment


Neal Katyal from Hogan Lovells

Definitely not.

Summa cum laude at 19 in your political science degree?

This is a weird obsession.


After all the crying and whining and gobbldeygook and the blah blah blah, back to the OP!

Mark Levin is right on the money. This impeachment is an unconstitutional sham meant to sway the next election by fooling the stupidest among us that Trump did something wrong. He did not. Any intelligent person who is fair minded, regardless of their party affiliation, can see that no high crimes or misdemeanor are even listed in the articles, and they can also see that impeachment was sought before Trump even took office which is insane.

I am asking: Is there one fair minded liberal in this forum who is intellectually honest enough to admit this is true?

Neil Gorsuch and Bret Kavanaugh? Do you believe that Mark Levin’s credentials and experience supersede theirs?

OP is dead on arrival

Nah, he’s just arguing for the sake of arguing like he often does.

I’ll keep repeating since we seem to be stuck but who gives a flying

I admire achievement.


Kavanaugh was a bad pick.

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He who?

I do. Very few people come close to doing that.

1-1, I’ll take that. Thanks for being reasonable.

Kethledge was the pick.

Pretty cool level headed guy. I like this case and his opinion of it.

Isn’t there a rule about going off topic?

Yep, Kethledge is a bad ass.

That’s a cut and dry case.

Yes, we do it. As a rule.


Down memory lane when we first started discussing Kethledge.

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Obviously you struggle with analogies and literary license.

There are quite a few of you guys who pretend this.

Your posts betray you though.