Must See: Mark Levin Delivers His Opening Statement on Impeachment

I am not a Lib. I am a Republican.

No, you just march side by side with people shouting the same stuff. It’s just coincidence.

I don’t march with anyone, nor do I shout.

Do you actually believe, Guv, that all Republicans (as opposed to all conservatives) feel the same way about every single policy of Republican politicians? That we are all a faceless mass “shouting the same stuff” with no opinions of our own?

At the moment I’m pissed off with our spineless Republican leadership, I admit. Instead of closing ranks with the incompetecy and criminality that is Trump they should hold true to their own principles, but they aren’t doing it.

At one point I had started a thread wanting to discuss each and every one of Trump’s actions and debating them to get to the truth of them so that it would be evident for all to see. I’d encouraged people to post facts for and against each of his actions to get a rounded view of each. Unfortunately that thread never got any traction and disappeared quickly.

Would you care to join in such a discussion if I tried the thread again?


It’s the left hatred that is driving it.

I’ll take that as a “no”. That’s not personal information, I didn’t ask you your middle name.

Temple is in the top 50 law schools in the country.

He does neither.

He’s correct about 3/5ths.

What Trump policy do you support. No waffling.

Oh I can certainly criticize them because they are the destroyers. My hate is merely a response to their destruction of my country. Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do

Of course not. :wink:

Glad we could agree.

We don’t.

Tied at 48th place. Former president Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard which is ranked #3. Goes to show how little relevance where one graduated from impacts how much they are an expert on law.

Sure we do.

Top 50.

A commendable accomplishment. I agree with you that no one on this forum has better credentials than him. Outside this forum is a different story, and there are certainly better constitutional lawyers than him without a hyperpartisan point of view.

Name 2.

Perish the thought of giving all human beings access to healthcare in this country. Pure EVIL!

Two people from those 47 schools over the last few decades know more than him about constitutional law, guaranteed. The fact that I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about doesn’t automatically make Levin the smartest constitutional lawyer in America.

Name them.

Ted Olson from Gibson Dunn and Neal Katyal from Hogan Lovells easily come to mind.

Was it in 1980? I graduated from a law school that the time of my graduation was higher ranked than Temple is now. Who gives a flying…