MUST SEE: Bob Dole Rises from Wheelchair, Gives ‘Standing Salute’ to President George H.W. Bush | Sean Hannity

Former Senate Majority Leader and presidential candidate Bob Dole abruptly rose from his wheelchair Tuesday; giving former President George H.W. Bush a final salute as he lay in his flag-draped coffin.

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I was extremely moved by Senator Dole’s loving and devoted comradeship he ( painfully) displayed at President GWH Bush’s, Funeral at the Capitol Rotunda.

As a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, each funeral I can attend for my own Vietnam Veteran Comrades become more and more difficult both physically and emotionally. I could FEEL the pain that Senator Dole was experiencing by just looking at his mournful face and shaking body. He is TRULY a man of great compassion and strength, who at 95, put himself through such a painful experience just to pay his final tribute to a fellow Comrade in Arms. The LAST WAR, we as a nation were ALLOWED TO WIN !!!

May GOD BLESS both President Bush, and Senator Dole !!!