MUST SEE: ‘Angel Moms’ Confront CNN’s Jim Acosta on White House Lawn | Sean Hannity

A group of ‘Angel Moms’ who have tragically lost their sons and daughters at the hands of illegal immigrants confronted CNN’s Jim Acosta on the White House lawn Friday; telling the reporter they support the President’s plans to build a border wall.

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Jim Acosta isn’t interested in the Angel Mom’s or any others like them, because they don’t fit into his narrative or support his agenda.

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When the chips fall, and all is said and done, Jim Acosta will be proven to be a white hat…Mark my words. He’s too perfect an enemy to be genuine. He plays his part well…

One statistic that is indisputable is that every single American who was a victim of illegal criminals. Would be alive and well today if the illegal criminal responsible for victimising them, had been stopped at a border wall. We have plenty of our own criminals, without importing more from other Countries. Thanks, But No Thanks.