MUST READ: ‘Just the Tweets’ -A Historical Collection of President Trump’s Tweets

Originally published at: MUST READ: ‘Just the Tweets’ -A Historical Collection of President Trump’s Tweets | Sean Hannity

Supporters of President Trump and his fondness for Twitter have a new ‘must-buy’ item this Holiday season, with ‘Just the Tweets: A Historical Collection of Tweets’ hitting the shelves just in time for proud Deplorables everywhere.

“JUST THE TWEETS” VOLUME I’ by Trisha Hope is a “Historic, Chronological Archive” of President Donald J. Trump’s first year in office, via the tweets, posted from his @realdonaldtrump Twitter account.

A new volume is published each spring; cataloguing the Commander-in-Chief’s direct hotline to the American public.

“I had a lot of friends and family reach out to me about his tweets because they’re not on Twitter. And they always asked, ‘What did he tweet today? What’s going on?’" Hope explained. “I hope to get people to read it and understand and watch and reflect what he said when he said it and then how things evolve.”

Order your copy here.

Hahaha hahahahah!

Thanks for the chuckles!

“Must-buy item for the holidays.” I lol’d…truly.

I guess we can anticipate volume 2 next year.

As mothers and fathers across the nation read their children bedtime stories, a select lucky few will have access to something better than “Where the Wild Things Are” or “Jack and the Beanstalk”. Yes, they will have the insane, hateful ramblings of the Celebrity Apprentice in Chief imprinted on their young minds.

Trumpers can settle into bed with the Trumpy bear and this book. Perfect!



Can’t I just print them out and save about $34.50?