Muslims offering help to jews

…in pittsburg.

Gives me hope for our country.

Hey, what ever happened to teh muslim ban?


my wife said she read this story and cried.

americans coming together to help americans. doesn’t get much better than that.


This must be Mike Pence’s worst nightmare.

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Muslims in the community come together in support of the victims.

Trump victim blames by telling them they should have had better security.

Is it any wonder that from national leadership, to state leadership, down to local city leadership…pretty much nobody wants to be seen with Trump on his ill timed photo op in Pittsburgh?

This is an uplifting story!

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Inspiring seeing fellow Americans supporting each other. The best of the best compared to what trump and his cult are offering.

If he has any knowledge of history, no.

During WWII, a Muslim majority country—Albania—provided a safe haven for Jews fleeing the horrors of Nazism.

If he knows anything about the Abrahamic faiths, than no, it shouldn’t be a nightmare. Islam, in its rejection of the Trinity & “son of God” concept, is actually closer to Judaism than Christianity.

What would happen if a white nationalists group offered protection for a black church, or a temple?

“We just want to know what you need,” Wasi Mohamed said late Sunday. "If it’s people outside your next service protecting you, let us know. We’ll be there.

Would your wife cry?

what programs are the TRump cult offering?

be specific on proposals.

well, since they wouldn’t, it doesn’t matter.

sure they would, show up with guns and wait for a reason to shoot someone, they are all violent killers.

comical that Muslim vigilante activism is a good thing.

“Muslim vigilante activism”.


Do you understand what a white nationalist is?

You seem to be tap dancing around it, perhaps due to some sort of personal identity issue.

A white nationalist, under no circumstances, would defend a black church.

Muslims, under most circumstances, would defend the free worship of other religions.


It’s more than that, although that is true.

In America, both Muslims and Jews are minority groups, and both still suffer from persecution.

Astonishing that this is the lesson to be learned among some Trumpists when told of Americans offering to help Americans after white nationalist shot up their synagogue and killed 11 people.

Thread reads like we knew it would.

Inspiring to see Americans come together…hate Trump.

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yes of course I do,

white nationalism is a soros voodoo doll for dems

Kind of hard to make that claim when the story is about a white nationalist murdering eleven people.

you sir are not well informed.