Musk Tells Gates to Get Lost in Leaked Text Messages

I always knew Gates was a slimy piece of crap, but damn, all that talk about climate change just to have that much pitted against Tesla. :thinking:

If there was a climate change emergency happening, Tesla would certainly be the only company making a meaningful dent in it. No wonder the left hates him. :rofl:



I thought EVs were damaging the climate more…to hear the talk on these boards.



^^ As you folks can see with this repeating pattern, Libs will make a conservative’s argument for them as long as someone/something they hate is in front of their eyes, they forget all about the things they pretend to care about. :rofl:


No, no: it’s that climate change isn’t real, snd any effort to address it is a commie plot

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You see folks, conservatives will love climate change if someone they think is on their side supports it.

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Sensible electric is good but not because of “Climate” ? Thats fake science and and fake politics.


Bill Gates is an ass and if you don’t believe me, just ask his ex.


What does that logic make Musk? He’s been divorced 3 times

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The son of a good friend of mine works for Musk as an electrical engineer. He said Musk is a tyrant … very difficult to work for. He is known to call a meeting and fire every employee in a section when progress isn’t happening as fast as he thinks it should be and hire all new personnel. The man is singularly driven … he sleeps little and even budgets time for every detail of his life including personal relationships. It’s no wonder that he has not found a wife that would put up with his idiosyncrasies, but his money will continue to attract them.

Bill Gates comes off as incredibly boring, I’d much rather hang out with Elon Musk.


You neglected to mention smug and arrogant. :wink:

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Yeah but they’re both kind of smug and arrogant, aren’t they?

Same with Elon. I thought we all learned Musk was an edgelord ■■■■■■■ during the Thailand cave diver fiasco, when he called the cave diver a pedo?

This is like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but more tech-savvy. :wink:

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True, but Musk operates on a higher level of genius.


Yeah, but the guy freaking changed the world. Would really take a special kind of person to do that and not sound smug and arrogant sometimes.

Yeah, although if he hadn’t done it, it would have soon been done by someone else and now everyone has something bad to say about Microsoft.

Musk on the other hand goes where no man has dared go before. Well, others have tried, but none have ever succeeded on the scale that he has.

Musk has taken way more government money than Gates though. FWIW.

I don’t really care about either one. Just saying, arrogance after inventing an OS that is used by like 90% of the worlds PC users is gonna give you a big head.

They are. Chinese batteries. And China is a bad climate actor.


Musk has given the government it’s money’s worth. And it’s better to pay him to put our hardware and Astronauts into space than it is to pay the Russians to do it.