Museum of the Bible in DC

It just opened in 2017.

Perhaps it’s only news to me. :grinning:

I’m enjoying their website, because it’s got about a hundred “Book minutes” - lots on the history of the Bible, but others are very brief bios of people - athletes, etc. - for whom religion is important in their life…

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DC has a lot of fascinating museums. My daughter will be there this spring, but I don’t know, as part of a public school trip, if they will get to see this one.

That would be interesting to see the history in the Bible.

The Smithsonian Museum of American History has Julia Child’s kitchen.

The museums are the best part of living in the DMV.


We went to the Holocaust museum. My wife started crying within five minutes of entering.

It’s a tough one. I’ve done it 4-5 times in my life, and it doesn’t get any easier.

It certainly doesn’t. It’s hard to wrap my brain around the fact that it actually happened.

The last time I went, the thing that got me the most was as I was leaving - there’s a plaque on wall dedicated to the security guard who got killed by that white supremacist a couple of years ago.

It really makes you realize that it’s not just about history - it’s about the present, too.

Agreed. There will always be evil people. As the black supremacists in Jersey also proved. We can’t change that. Fortunately, they cannot gain any traction in the civilized world. I don’t think it will ever happen again.

The African Art Museum is one of my favorites there.

I don’t think I could go. There’s only so much against another person or any being before it just gets too upsetting.

Didn’t visit Alcatraz in San Francisco either. All the fascinating places there are to go, and a defunct prison should be a stop?


There should be more museums like these (Holocaust, Infantryman’s, Bible, etc.). Nothing makes history stick in someone’s mind quite like the feeling of experiencing it like that.

The Bible Museum is very nice and bigger than I imagine.
If I would rank my favorite Museums in the DC area.

  1. African American Museum of History and Culture (this place is life changing)
  2. Air & Space Museum (DC and Dulles)
  3. Newseum
  4. The Bible Museum
  5. National Museum of African Art
    Honorable mention: Anacostia Museum , International Spy Museum and Museum of Natural History

Absolutely it can happen again and probably will.

Worse…it’ll likely be broadcast on the Internet and get millions of views.