Murder, rape and other crimes committed by illegals acceptable risk?

For democrats to advance their political agenda?

Is the death of Kate Steinle politically acceptable?

How about Mollie Tibbetts?

How about Lennox Lake? A young boy killed by drunk illegal who was deported many times?

Or Ronald da Silva who was gun down by illegal that was also deported couple times like the killer of Kate?

This list can go on and on…but you get the picture.

Now I know some of you will say what about gun deaths. Guns are specifically specified under BoR’s as protected right in which many of us want to preserve.

Democrats want to use illegals to gain political influence and gain political power.

Fundamentally different concept between the two.

So tell me what you think.

@WuWei suggestion.

That wasn’t cool Drs.

If it was acceptable then those illegals would not have been judged for their crimes by the justice system.

Which doesn’t matter you guys consider being able to buy any gun you want to be an acceptable risk even though more people are killed by guns than illegals.

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Immigration status doesnt kill people. People kill people.



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Apparently not. sorry i missed it.

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Does the OP want increase funding for ICE so that they can deport more individuals??

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Most dangerous place in the world is still your own home on a Saturday night and the most likely way you’ll be murdered is by your signficant other during an argument about the data caps on your phone plan or something.

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Everyone uses illegals to gain political influence and power. You act as though Democrats have some monopoly on the practice.

How many undocumented workers has your Messiah employed over the course of his life?

^This guy is a bachelor for safety reasons.

What kind of politically correct phraseology is, “sharp force injuries?” The illegal alien stabbed her to death!

What about Haruka Weiser?

In my defense, I attract the kind of women who make you flush your bullets down the toilet so they won’t shoot you while you’re sleeping.

Aww, we’re eskimo buddies, you know Tiffany too.


It’s been proven repeatedly that undocumented (illegal!!!) immigrants commit fewer crimes (violent or non) than native-born Americans.

You guys certainly are happy about this Mollie Tibbetts situation, aren’t you? Yuck.

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Gun owners get blamed every time there is a shooting. “You care more about your guns than kids’ lives.”

He’s not asking a legal question, he’s asking a moral question.

Nobody is killed by a gun. Anyone that is murdered is killed by another human being. Some illegal, a lot by citizens.

You just made his argument for him. Try answering the question for once in your life.

It was more than just stabbing I believe.

All people commit those crimes, and the data doesn’t say illegals are worse demographically, so you really don’t have a point other than stoking fear. Might as well ban legal immigrants, or hell, all “humans”,

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