Muppets Are Racist

Admittedly I haven’t watched any Muppet Show or movies since the 80s.

What race did they target? Where’s the proof?

Kermit the Frog :frog: singing “It’s not easy being green?”. Is that some sort of an insult against those self identifying as green?

How about the Swedish Chef? Was he a stereotype of men with names like Gustav, or implying Swedes can’t cook?

How about Animal the Drummer? Was there some stereotype of long haired white male drummers during the 70s there? Maybe, there was a group back then called (Eric Burdon and) The Animals.

Maybe, as in the video, singing Siamese cats are the stereotypical depictions by racists. Seriously, this is getting ridiculous!

It feels as if the U S has become one large insane asylum. And those leading the inmates are in the least power to talk as they have publicly thanked the Chinese Communist Party, which is more about persecution of religious & ideological minorities than racial.

I think we need to start pumping Clozaril (strong antipsychotic medicine used in treatment of schizophrenia) into the water supply to stop these delusions & the destruction they cause.

So let me get this straight, you have a frog, pig, couple birds and human or two all having fun and getting along together are now bigots?

Interesting theory libs have there.


They didn’t say the whole show was racist, they said select segments of the show have negative stereotypes.

There is a lot of projection going on here over a decision by a major entertainment corporation that is run by spreadsheets to include content warnings.

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Remember back in the day when there was a content warning that said “Viewer Discretion is Advised” and no one gave a ■■■■ because not everything was part of the culture war?

Your telling me a show that was created in the 1950’s might be culturally intensive.

Heck … I remember when growing up the UHF station would air the Little Rascals blackface episodes… no problem.

And people wonder why like everyone in Virginia in the early 80’s has a blackface photo of them.

Somehow I got out of that State without ever smearing shoe polish on my head.

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i’d like to meet the people who genuinely get offended by the swedish chef

something tells me no one is

except the mentally ill left


The one example in the segment you provided is Johnny Cash singing in front of a Confederate flag. Like it or not that flag is a symbol of racism to some people in the country.

Another example is Steve Martin singing in an exaggerated Chinese accent.

It is also worth noting the Disney did not remove these episodes they merely put disclaimers in front of them.

All in all, that seems fairly reasonable to me, and this is just another example of conservative pearl clutching.


too bad

if it offends dont watch it. my general advice to people with inability to modulate their emotions

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“Viewer Discretion Advised” is still used in broadcasts about such subjects as true crime.,effects%20of%20television%20on%20the%20viewer%20and%20society.

There can be any number of distressing themes in such films and tv. The last part of that phrase gives potential viewers the warning to allow them the options to watch, or disengage.

Disney has specifically named Muppets racists. What race of humanity have they disparaged?

I’ve insulted mental patients by comparing Disney to lunatics. Most men & women facing everything from depression to schizophrenia would probably not intentionally harm others. Disney, in outing muppets as racist, all the while supporting the CCP, is truly evil.

“warning: you might not agree with or approve of everything you see and hear on this show.”

By reading some articles, there is a performance of “It’s a Small World” that is a little troublesome.

But once again… I think that people are reading way too
Much into this for the purpose of a culture war.

I remember there was a period of time growing up when the “Duck Season, Rabbit Season” episodes of Bugs Bunny cut out all the gun stuff and thus made the whole thing incomprehensible.

Would have much rather seen the whole thing in full and had a warning that this is cartoon violence.

What Disney is doing is keeping the work intact, but advising viewers that some of the content didn’t age well.

Makes sense to me.

“Like it or not that flag is a symbol of racism to some people in the country.”

Singing in front of it wasn’t a wise move on JC’s part. But, as a man struggling to get back in mysic coming off drugs, he started performing in prisons, and eventually developed a rapport with inmates.

Somehow I’m not seeing all of these men being white. The man had his problems in life, but I’m not seeing him as racist.

Perhaps if a need to put a disclaimer on something is so strong those particular shows shouldn’t be aired.

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This isn’t an either-or proposition. There is a variety of options to deal with this sort of thing, and Disney has chosen a reasonable one.

Why do you guys always take the bait and go to Defcon one on these sorts of silly issues? For a fellow who’s presumably moderating his own emotions, you sure seem anxious jump on every single one of these whenever they come by.

For that matter, if the disclaimer bothers you, don’t watch the show!


It’s almost like there is an industry built around ginning up outrage for a culture war over stuff that has zero bearing on people’s everyday lives or something.


I am quite certain Disney doesn’t see Johnny Cash as the issue, the issue is the flag.

If you yourself are willing to say it wasn’t wise, than what in the world could be the problem with a disclaimer?


It’s almost like there is an industry built around ginning up outrage for a culture war over stuff that has zero bearing on people’s everyday lives or something.

A multimedia industry, where money can be made, stirring up outrage over silly things like this.

It would literally be easier for everybody to just ignore Disney’s warning and/or accept Disney’s good faith and carry on with life

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this isnt about my emotions. it’s about my position of such idiocy. try not to turn the discussion into a typical leftist personal attack

the left loses their diseased minds if they see someone from the mid 70’s exaggerating a Swedish accent, but it’s those who say “just dont watch it” who are at “defcon one”?

good lord


Says one of those whose emotions are running rampant and being triggered by a YouTube video telling them they should be triggered.

The irony is thick…