Mulvaney: I only met with lobbyists if they gave me money

"WASHINGTON — Mick Mulvaney, the interim director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, told banking industry executives and lobbyists on Tuesday that they should increase their campaign donations to influence lawmakers, revealing that he would meet only with lobbyists who contributed to his campaign when he served in the House.

“We had a hierarchy in my office in Congress,” Mr. Mulvaney, a former Republican lawmaker from South Carolina, told 1,300 bankers and lobbyists at an American Bankers Association conference in Washington. “If you’re a lobbyist who never gave us money, I didn’t talk to you. If you’re a lobbyist who gave us money, I might talk to you.”

Outright admitting to pay for play and actively encouraging it lol. That’s a good look Mulvaney, drain that swamp!

This is the swamp at work.

LMAO well I certainly wouldn’t expect them to meet with lobbyists out of charity.

Trumps penchant for saying the inside part out loud appears to be catching.

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'Tis the new norm in the Age of Idiocy.

Trump and his people drained the water out of the swamp and replaced it with raw sewage.

Drump didn’t drain the swamp, he flooded it, Noah style.

The blind partisan support of the R party has emboldened these swamp creatures to tell it really how they see it.

Grab em by the *****.
Money makes the rules.
Good people on both sides.

Man my basement is so dry after all that swamp draining

yeah, i’ve been saying that for awhile. after the election i kept posting that Trump was gonna come to DC and show the politicians what true corruption is too. it’s playing out just as expected.

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I like how a key member of the Trump administration openly admitting that he sold access to lobbyists barely merits comment anymore because it is just expected with these people. We are dealing with the most corrupt presidency in our lifetimes and they aren’t even ashamed enough to try to hide it anymore.

Swamp the drain.


Mulvaney. Pruitt. Zinke. Et. al.

These aren’t “swamp creatures.” These are super swamp monsters, built in a lab from the parts of other swamp creatures.


Everyone should read Dark Money if you want an accurate snapshot of the Republicans today. This is normal for them, Trump’s people are just worse at it.

The democrats have been the only party of fiscal responsibility since GW. This is objectively true and inarguable.

These people are who we thought they were.

Wasn’t Mulvaney one of the Freedom Caucus members and a tea party dude? I thought they were all about good governance and smaller government.

pretty much…

“Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney was first elected to Congress in the Tea Party wave of 2010 and acted as an anti-deficit crusader. That is, until he became President Trump’s budget director.”