Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


Cruz won’t run again.


How do you know?


He was humbled, that’s why he’s acting like he is. He knows he’s through.


What evidence is there that self described conservatives are attending his rallies?

He’s a leftist. No way would I as a conservative even entertain the thought of voting for someone that far left. If I couldn’t stomach voting for the alternative, I simply wouldn’t vote.

And besides, every indication is that Greg Abbott is not in the slightest risk of losing. So why would “Conservatives” vote for Abbott as well as Beto?


Wendy Davis and the Dream Team, all over again.
There is nothing a conservative would see in Beto, so I’m not seeing him as the first Dem to win state wide in a long time.


Exactly. He’s not even running as a “moderate” as most Dems do when they are running in a red or purple district or state.


So just your opinion…fair enough


Of course it is. Humiliated might have been a better word.


True…he was



Look at the two August polls for the Texas race:

NBC/Marist (8/12-16) - 49 Cruz, 45 O’Rourke with a 3.5 margin of error.
Emerson (8/22-25) - Cruz 39, O’Rourke 38 with a 4.4 margin of error.

These are close numbers. With a Red State, this indicates that Republicans/Conservatives are going for O’Rourke. These numbers should not be close.

You want information, lets review:

Source #1

The poll by Crosswind Media and Public Relations found 15 percent of the self-identified Republicans surveyed are willing to vote for O’Rourke, and so too, are an equal percentage of respondents who described themselves as conservative.

The photos from an O’Rourke appearance in Gainesville, in 80 percent Republican Cooke County, show middle-aged men in plaid work shirts and gimme caps. They’re packed 500 strong into the town railroad station.

Vicki Moore, president of the Tarrant County Democratic Woman’s Club, talked about knocking on a former mayor’s door in heavily Republican Northeast Tarrant County.

Read more here:

Also watch this Video from the Washington Post.

It’s pretty clear to me that he reaching across the aisle and winning over people who wouldn’t generally vote Democrat. And again, this is why we need to live in reality. Cruz is in serious trouble. The polls are moving toward O’Rourke. This is why I am saying O’Rourke in the lead. Not by much, still anybody’s game. But the crowds, the donations, and the fact that Cruz is throwing his own wife under the bus just to score “cheap” political points, shows that Cruz is in a tight spot and losing steam day-by-day.


OK, well I have a hard time imagining true conservatives voting for a leftist, but whatever. I could understand independents, although some of those would be conservatives too. Many former Rs don’t identify with any party these days.

But have a look at this. Greg Abbott is leading his opponent by an average of 14 points.

The most recent poll has him ahead by almost 20 points. Even if that is an outlier, he’s ahead by double digits for sure.

Can anyone imagine a scenario where Abbott wins by at least 10, and then Cruz loses? Makes no sense.

I don’t disagree Cruz is in trouble. Beto is getting tons of favorable press, even gushing. And he’s way ahead on the charisma scale.

But when it comes to voting day, I find it hard to imagine hoards of conservatives and indies are going vote for Abbott and Beto.


Ted is a weasel.


Beto is going into heavy red towns and talking to people…they may not vote for him in the end but at least he is going where others have not.


It may keep them from voting for Cruz. No sure how many are excited to vote for a spineless weasel.


They do flock to their own tho


As if the left doesn’t. :joy::joy::joy:


It depends on how effectively Rs remind their usual voters that staying home may result in Majority Leader Schumer.

And as Mulvaney said, Rs could lose Texas and win Florida. The senate races are very weird this year, although in the case of Florida Rs couldn’t have recruited a better challenger than Scott. Nelson is about as interesting as watching paint dry.


I haven’t seen any Cruz ads that are stressing this. So far they’re taking the “Beto is too radical for Texas” angle.


Abbot and Cruz are two different people, running for two different functions of government.

Cruz comes with heavy baggage and lack of likability and credibility.

The senate votes on national issues, governors are in charge of their own state. If people want Trump to be held accountable, then could easily vote for O’Rourke and Abbot.

If there was no difference between Cruz and Abbot in the minds of Texans, then Cruz should hold the same lead as Abbot. But that’s not the case, therefore, I think your thinking comes across as flawed.

I live in NYS. George Pataki was our government for about 8 years, and Giuliani was NYC’s Mayor for a longtime. When Bloomberg took over for Giuliani, he ran as a Republican too, and won easily. When people voted for Pataki or Giuliani, then did not magically for the Republican. They voted for Republican for governor/mayor and Democrat for their representatives and senators.


Exactly. Why I like O’Rourke as the favorite here is because he’s going into every single town in Texas. It doesn’t matter if they are red districts or blue districts, and he’s drawing large crowds. When you add onto the Trump’s crisis, Cruz’s bad behavior, and the money O’Rourke is getting from donors, shows signs that Cruz is in deep trouble.