Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


I’m going to double it to the California State Rifle Association. #opencarryCalifornia


Nope. I have personal experience in this area. It wouldn’t bother me in the slightest if he were Republican.

I’m also not a fan of the cultural appropriation bs that some on the left believe. I’m a whole-hearted believer in the sharing and mixing of cultures.


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There was no sharing and mixing. He’s not a guero.



Like half my family is gringo. A mixture of German, Puerto Rican, and Costa Rican on my dads side, and Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Italian on my moms.

Why do you think non-hispanics should not be allowed to go by Spanish nicknames? I know an Alfredo of Chinese descent from Puerto Rico, should his parents not named him that?


Mi amigo maniatico, don’t hate, it’s a cool nickname.


Culture mixing no muy bueno perhaps?


Isn’t going by a Spanish nickname technically culture appropriation?


No, my nickname is Hebrew given to me by my Jewish Gan teacher when I lived in Tiberius. I’m not Israeli or Jewish, and yet the nickname stuck.


Lord, have you done that East-West drive? Screaming emptiness. Don’t want the movie nocturnal animals before or after it.


Not only that, but your link states that Beto has received more in-state money than out of state. Yet @Joanne keeps saying the opposite. Do you have a source for your continued claim, Joanne?


Did you even look at the claim that was being checked, or was that just a reflexive parroted jab against them?

It literally states that the claim that Beto was twice arrested is true, but it also provides context. Everything in that article is based upon fact and sources are cited.


Ted Cruz for human senator approves this message. Paid for by human candidate Tedcruz.


It’s indeed an idiotic attack on O’Rourke.

Ted Cruz is Canadian. His first name is Rafael. He goes by a nickname of his middle name. Ted or Edward is an Anglo-Saxon name. Cruz is Cuban and Canadian.

None of us have a problem with calling him Ted. That’s his preferred name. We as a culture use people’s preferred names and gender pronouns out of respect.

But magically speaking, Cruz and his base seem to be upset that O’Rourke goes by his childhood nickname and wants to pay tribute to his El Paso heritage.

The irony here is not only the idiotic nature of the criticism, but that the real Texan is seen as the phony, not the Canadian-born, Cuban guy.


It’s amazing any of this even has to be explained. This logic is lost on those devout followers of Cruz.


I take issue with you on this one my friend. There are 100 Senators. And their votes most certainly impact the lives of all Americans. Donating money to a candidate for Senate outside of your state is not dishonest in the least. Who sits in that chair impacts us all. Does it not?


trump is a NY “Republican”.


You know…we used to have open carry in California…until Reagan…and the Mulford Act…supported by Gov. Reagan AND the NRA.


Yes. Of the worst kind.


He doesn’t have Mexican heritage. He wants the Mexican vote.