Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


He’s as Latino as Pocahontas is Indian. None.


You are correct.


Not in Ireland it’s not.


But he wasn’t born in Ireland. It was the border town he was raised. He also speaks fluent Spanish.

crap, cruz wasn’t even born here. His only saving grace was that his mom was a citizen.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: blood is all that matters.

He’s a gringo.


I don’t know, it’s a great question. To suck up to white people?


I never asserted he was Latino. My mom still (and the rest of my family did when I was younger) calls me by my Hebrew nickname even though we’re not Israeli. We just lived there for some time.


Rafael Cruz hearts this post.


“Fluent” is apparently subjective.

I know he wasn’t. I’m not comparing the two.


He got the nickname from his maid or nanny. His mom is Irish, as is the rest of the family.


I never once said a thing about Soros.


That’s because he’s the incumbent and the guy who was runner up in the Presidential primary. It’s to be expected that incumbents raise more money than their challengers, both in and out of their states.

But overall I think Beto has outraised Cruz, at least to this point, and there isn’t a lot of time left.


And I got it from my Jewish Gan teacher and it stuck with the rest of my class and with my family. You’re making a stupid point.


He’s fluent. He doesn’t sound like native speaker, but his pronunciation is good (at least from the little I’ve heard).


He doesn’t have to be Latino to go by Spanish nicknames.

Blood doesn’t really matter. For example, we have a small Chinese minority in Puerto Rico, are they not allowed to go by Spanish nicknames, or have Spanish names?


Is your nickname Irish?

Ok, if you say so.


Like I said, he’s awight.


Yeah, he does.

Ok if you say so.


If he was a republican, you’d be screaming about it and we both know it.


Too late! :blush: