Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


I’m right. I can see it.


Keep your dirty money out of my state politics Russian bot farmer.


Wendy Davis definitely was hyped, but don’t think many (outside of the left wing bubble) thought she had a serious chance of winning.

Beto on the other hand could win. I do think it’s unlikely, and am sure Cruz will define him in ads as very left wing and out of touch with Texas.


Hey Sneaky, as a Texan how do you see things turning out for Cruz?


He should have punched Trump. It would have been a landslide. Y’all need to quit calling this clown “Beto”. His name is Robert. He’s an Irish gringo. His maid called him that when he was a baby. She was the only latina thing in that house.


So you think the reason why Cruz’s numbers aren’t better is because he went Trumpy? That would make sense. He really disgusted a lot of conservatives with that.

And yeah the Beto thing is so stupid. He doesn’t have any Hispanic blood. Cruz of course is Latino.


His nickname since he was a toddler? How is that being a fraud?


Cruz isn’t a Texas Latino.


I just explained it to you.


Which is the spanish nickname for Robert, dude doesn’t need to have hispanic blood to go by “Beto”. He grew up in El Paso, which would have been like 70% hispanic at the time. Plus he speaks fluent spanish. He gets a pass.


Who are you to give him a pass?


So it has legit been his nickname since he was a toddler but he should stop now because it makes him a fraud? Ya, no.

Vote for Beto, not the Beta who can’t even stand up to NY liberals who insult his wife.


Looks like Soros is once again the Boogey man when it comes to Dems. This guy must have more money than the Catholic church with all the accusations of paying protestors and O’Rourke.

Need I remind you that there are more BIG names contributing to the Republicans?

you find me where O’Rourke is proven to take money from Soros, because I can’t find Soros’s name anywhere here:

If anyone is out-of-touch with the people, it is Cruz.


He doesn’t need to win in order to be a lesson for the Democrats. The fact that it is close, should show that Beto’s campaigning style should be a way forward. Don’t ignore districts or areas just because they are red, get out there, and get the message out.


O’Rourke is 4th generation Irish-American. Beto is short for Robert.

  1. I’m hispanic.
  2. It’s not different than say, a child of asian immigrants to a predominately spanish area going by a spanish nickname. Blood doesn’t matter.


So why doesn’t “ted” use his real name which is Rafael?


I know someone whose name is Roberto, and his family calls him Beto.


Cruz has received more outside money than O’Rourke.


I know it is, I actually speak Spanish.

I went and listened to Robert speak Spanish - he’s awight. Talks like a gringo.