Mulvaney: Cruz could lose


Wicked stuff! :joy:

Well struck!


This is why Beto has boatloads of cash. He’s raising all kinds of money from big donors, Hollywood, and other people who don’t live in Texas.

Again… this is perfectly legit and many candidates with a national profile do this. But it’s interesting he doesn’t seem to be raising nearly as much from Texans.


She really is pretty awesome. I am now following her as well. Funny person!


He’s way too left wing for Texas. In the CBS poll I cited earlier, 21% of voters don’t have an opinion on him yet. I’m sure Cruz will take care of that by letting Texans know a lot of his views. Not just health care but abortion, gun control, etc


Seems to be raising plenty in Texas.


Look at how Trump won, not just the whole hacking nonsense but the fact that he was out there, every day, doing rallies. Constantly, 3 or 4 a day usually.

HRC was nonexistent in swing states, didn’t even go to Wisconsin and we barely saw her in Michigan.

O’Rourke is a salty tongued go-getter who is hitting the pavement hard, and he’s running against a guy who won’t even defend his own family, much less the Senate seat he holds.

So while Texas is ruby red, to me, and a generation from any kind of move to purple status, I think Texans would not mind a guy like him being their Senator. He hustles.

I still think he has a 20 percent chance of winning but thats what I thought Trump’s chances were as well.


Oh, they’re knocking on every door, ok. I have had several calls asking me to help get Beto elected.


Do it! :grin:


It was the same for Wendy Davis. For some reason, for decades now, Dems outside of Texas believe the state is on the verge of turning blue.
Nothing wrong with their money, but a curious phenomenon.


Hopefully they have a Chuck E. Cheese in Texas, as that’s about the only way Melania can get her manchild out of the White House.


Hmmmm…maybe I’ll volunteer for the phone bank.


I really hope the Democrats learn from Beto. You just can’t ignore parts of the country or you’re state. You have to hustle, and make sure the people know you care about their issues.


Oh brother.

Just sent beto more money.


Brilliant strategy.




That is very true.


“Beto” for one thing.


I certainly don’t find Politifact a bias fact-checker. Politifact gave Hillary a ‘pants on fire’ ruling when she falsely stated that she landed under sniper fire. Politifact also gave Obama the ‘lie of the year’ back in 2013.

Trump is a pathological and serial liar. That is the reason why he has the most ‘pants on fire’ rulings from Politifact than any other politician out there. During the 2016 GOP Primaries, I remember from the old board where I would point out Trump having many more ‘false’ and more ‘pants on fire’ rulings than the rest of the Republicans who were running for President.


You made good points. However, the one thing I would add is that Trump didn’t just go to rust belt areas that Hillary wouldn’t visit, but gave them a message they wanted to hear. He promised them jobs and a better economy.

Is Beto likewise giving Texans a message they want to hear, or are people caught up in the celebrity? Hard to say right now.

I do agree it’s bad for Cruz to be on the Trump train now, after what Trump said about his own wife and father. That could be one reason why his numbers aren’t higher. If I lived in Texas I would vote for him, but with no enthusiasm. He sold conservatives out.


That will be true if he wins. We’ve got about 8 weeks to go to find out.