Multnomah Co. chair es the killing of the Trump supporter on white supremacy and the president in a statement

Stupidity with the democrats in city councils never seem to end when there is videos of antifa/BLM groups on the streets cheering the death of the Trump supporter while admitting that one of their own killed Trump supporter, the city council blames the killing on Trump and white supremacy makes no mention on antifa/BLM initiating violence as seen in some live streams.

The democrats are defending these rioters which are causing violence and destruction on businesses which are trying to survive.

The Trump supporter who was killed supported the cops had a blue lives pin. According to those who were there on the scene.Whats happening in Portland is disgusting.

The police seems to be on stand down orders by the mayor. If the police weren’t on stand down these rioters would have being over 93+ days ago.
Stranger thing is that these rioters are quickly released once arrested while those who had a lengthy criminal record why?

These city council members arent doing their jobs what they were supposed to do.


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Portland’s mayor just spent 10 minutes blaming Trump for his city turning into a violent dung heap?
This guy lost his city 3 months ago and he’s regurgitating DNC and Dimbulbcrat talking points??


I hope the mayor of Portland realizes that those Trump supporters had every right to peaceful assembly over there even if they lived outside portland. Or within in but not in the city.

Its a constitutional right to peaceful assembly.All this chaos should be blamed on the Mayor and his council members and i do think they should step down.

Another lie from the lying and racist democrats.

“For four years we’ve had to live with you and your racist attacks on black people,” he says.

Yet these BLM rioters and protesters meanwhile are threatening people, in bars and demand to defund, Abolish prisons and police.

The mayor of Portland has chosen his side. I do hope that the voters in Portland would vote out the mayor. Its clear that the mayor no longer cares about its own people in Portland but rather the potical message and agenda of the rioters and that quote alone just shows it.

His using the race card to achieve his message

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He’s still making excuses and blaming Trump. He blew it 3 months ago

How could anyone have foreseen that abandoning the city streets to political mobs and refusing to enforce laws could lead to political violence?
No wonder they realize that this is Trumps fault.

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And using the race card while claiming that Trump is a racist towards blacks, while democarts and joe biden team still support defunding or relocating of funding from police.

The democrats had being using the blacks for 30+ years now nothing more then to stay in power.NYC is proof enough how democrats havent done anything for anyone no matter which race you belong.

NYC is a failed mess.NYC used be such a nice city once.

Don’t have search far to find these lying, leftists, who blame normal people for what they do.

So now the mayor of Portland is blaming Trump again for the Portland homicide. While ignores the BLM rioters sad.

“Support us or stay the hell out of the way!” he says. Wheeler says Trump encouraged the violence.

The Chef is lying and claiming that the city doesn’t have resources to stop the rioting and rioters.

says Portland Police simply doesn’t have the resources to police the groups that are spread across downtown. Someone in the room asks why police didn’t slash the tires of the caravan.

Well this is why Trump wanted to send in the Federal assistance but he rejected.

Only left wing groups are allowed on the streets with impunity. Others may be shot.


If you are far leftist rioter or abuser whatever child abuser sex offender it appears in the crazy city of Portland you would be released without bail after arrest.

Oh and it seems mayor doesn’t plan on resigning from office. If anyone lives in Portland i think now its a time to leave it.

The mayor of Portland.

says his plan for ending the street riots is “fundamental reform” to criminal justice & policing per the demands of the “community.”

He ended a police program that addressed gun violence and seems to be committed to rioter demands for reforming of police defunding.
Well if Joe Biden wins we will see this kind of “Reforming” for sure

Nobody admitted one of their own killed a Trump supporter. Where do you get your propaganda?

90 days of protests and the first death happens when the Trump train comes to town. Coincidence?


Nobody admitted one of their own killed a Trump supporter. Where do you get your propaganda?
Live streams from last night one group was cheering how one of their claiming in the video shot Trump supporter.

90 days of protests and the first death happens
First Deaths? where have you being? there had being more deaths and injures in Portland for the last few months now. Even before Trump supporters came in.

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The streets belong to leftist mobs. All others who dare enter prepare to die…and it is your own fault.


I am sorry really your saying what i am saying is propaganda!? because there are videos of a leftist mob/group cheering the news of Trump supporter’s death.

I know that. Where did you come up with the part about them admitting one of their own killed a Trump supporter? Did it just sound good to you?

When was the last time you were in NYC?

Have they caught the Portland shooter yet?

I am seeing reports that some of those riding with the Trump supporters were shooting paint balls and pepper spray into the crowds first.