Multiple post quoting -- how do you do that?

Saw somewhere on the board you could do this but I can’t remember how and there doesn’t seem to be a button like there was before at the old place. How do you do that?

Test post.

Copy the first post you want to quote. When your message box appears the thread is still visible and active above. Find the subsequent post(s) you want to quote and copy them, as well.

Highlight part of a post then hit quote.

Scroll to a new post in the thread:

And highlight test then hit the quote button that pops us.

Whee! I are smart!

I could make a reference to an obscure Star Trek Next Generation episode, but I won’t. :smile:

Ah, OK. Thanks!

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Use what you have learned for the good, not the dark side :wink:

You make forums go!