Multiple people shot in downtown Denver, 1 dead

Two shootings in one day. Which really isn’t uncommon. There are multiple people shot every day. Sounds like 4-5 people were shot in this one. One dead so far.

There is a lot more than two every day.

Another day in ’Murica ending in a “y”.

Seems like it’s not just 'murica.

Oh look, another shooting in America.

If you think that’s ho hum, just think about how many people were not shot yesterday.

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Why do these shootings tend to happen in areas with more restrictive gun laws?

Areas with more restrictive gun laws tend to correlate with areas that have lots of people interacting with each other.

This is true with speed limits as well, but nobody argues that there would be less accidents in the city if we got rid of those rules. Some people are still gonna get run over at the crosswalk, and cars will still rear end other cars, but less than if there were no speed limits.

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