Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling


Who tells you what you repeat?


And this is the problem because those that have plead guilty to some kind of FBI "process’ crime of lying or misleading agents and we don’t even have the details of what supposedly they lied about and they can’t afford to fight the Feds in court, they don’t have the $$$ so they had to plead out just to get the Feds off their backs. However many like yourself think it proves something that will bring down Trump and his Administration and gives false hope to deranged Trump haters who IMO need their brains bleach cleaned!!

Manafort is different & he ha been indicted on alleged 12 year old crimes that has nothing to do with the Trump campaign.


We know exactly what Flynn and Papadopoulos lied about. It’s in the court filings in their plea agreements.


You think this is Mueller’s first rodeo? Your assertion is laughable and suggests the Mueller is a dime store amateur.


No, it suggests that he brought prosecutions like the 13 Russians in Russia so that idiots could post in forums “look how many people Mueller has caught” when the indictments will likely be meaningless and Mueller has reason to believe he will never have to prove up his charges.


It wouldn’t be necessary if there weren’t so many know-nothings demanding an end to Mueller’s investigation.


He brought the prosecutions on the 13 Russians so that idiots could post in forums about it? :joy:

You really have no clue the caliber a prosecutor Mueller is do you?


Of course, there’s a problem with that, too.


You actually believe Russia is going to send those people to the US so they can be prosecuted, don’t you? Mueller doesn’t.


Rick Gates has a net worth of $25 million with his wife worth another $30 million.

Michael Flynn has a net worth of $7 million


Russia isn’t sending anybody and frankly it does not matter, Mueller is building a case. All you get to see is what is made public you have no clue what the outcome of this investigation will be when it is complete.

Based on Mueller’s history as a prosecutor and the cases he has successfully argued I recommend you wait and let the man do work.


Americans of all stripes were against the Russians in the '50s and '60s. Especially during the McCarthy era. Edward R. Murrow’s report on him brought everyone up to speed on what a foul creature McCarthy was.


The government was aware of Russian interference before the election. They were remaining low key about it, but they knew.


Yep. He was using allegations of Russians meddling in our affairs often without sufficient evidence of collusion by Americans. The simple fact that you were being accused was being used for political purposes. Terrible. Would never happen again (sarcasm).


Not entirely correct. The Obama admin. issued a direct warning to the Russians. And as noted by the WashPost, Republicans (specifically Mitch McConnell) were against a more broader public statement because according to them, nothing was confirmed.


So what has Trump done now?


Yes Trump is such a “victim” we get it, not like his campaign was filled with questionable foreign contacts and meetings with foreign agents…:roll_eyes:


It’s ironic when Obama was told about Russian meddling years ago he did ■■■■. Of course Obama meddles in several elections of other countries and the Dims don’t give a ■■■■ either


“They” who?


Good thing we got Trump in, he will make sure the Russians stop the meddling and put them in their place…