Mueller Warns of Active Russian Meddling


your post had nothing to do with what i posted.



A U.S. District Court judge ruled on Friday that a Russian company charged with meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election is not entitled to review grand jury materials and gave the two sides 10 days to agree on rules for sharing evidence.

After ruling on the request to review grand jury materials, Judge Friedrich turned her focus to the question of how much evidence Concord Management could share with other defendants, including Prigozhin, who has not appeared in court.

Mueller’s team had sought a protective order to prevent any co-defendant of Concord from gaining access to evidence until they appear in court, arguing providing that information could tip off individuals and entities that are “continuing to engage” in similar attempts to disrupt the U.S. electoral system.

Concord, on the other hand, has sought for permission to share the evidence more widely, including with Prigozhin.

The judge sides with Mueller, and seems to agree that the information cannot be shared with those who do not appear in court. If they want the evidence, they must show up first.


It’s absolutely frightening.


Nice update, funny how the Trumpkins here cheered on the Russians saying they were calling Mueller’s bluff…

Turns out Mueller was calling their bluff, you want evidence? Show up in court and face it!


Funny is one way to put. I tend to have harsher terms for those who are cheering on a hostile foreign enemy government and their attacks on our nation, against an American patriot who has devoted his entire adult life to the defense of our nation, its rule of law and upholding the Constitution of the United States. :wink: :us:


Cadet bone spurs is more important.


Well, ya know, nature of the beast. Mueller will have to provide the defense team access to evidence he will use in court. If he does not provide said evidence to the defense team, he will not be able to use that evidence in court. He will be granted some leeway on some evidence, but not most.


If they show up in court to face their charges sure


The Russians aren’t going to extradite anyone to the US so how else are you going to get them here on a plane?


They’re going to buy a ticket and fly here. I suggest Priceline, although maybe Putin will fly them on a private jet.

Given they’re asking for their day in court and a speedy trial, I don’t think extradition is going to be necessary.


Their lawyers were pulling a stunt to force Muller’s team to produce discovery. Now that they don’t have to I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing any of them showing up in person in the US.


Indeed, it’s a stunt. They were never showing up no matter what the judge decided this week.


we outspent the USSR militarily and caused the collapse. Putin wasn’t gonna make that stupid mistake again. he’s been very savvy regarding how he attacks us now.


How does he know?, and why should he know. This whole investigation should have been carried out by rank and file FBI agents.


Interesting to see how these talking points disseminate through the conservative media.


Just seems like there should be a better source for such news than an SC. Makes no sense. Should be a press release from the FBI.


If Mueller is so concerned about Russian influence in US elections, perhaps he should consider picking up the pace of his investigation. It’s 4 months to the next one and we’ll need a little time to implement whatever we need to do to stop them.


It’s frustrating, but it’s really teeing off Trumps voters. Makes them ready and raring to get to the polls. Anger is a great motivator…


I wouldn’t know. :sunglasses:


I’m referring to your faithful repetition of the conservative talking points. You’re very good at repeating what you’re told.