MUELLER’S MILLIONS: DOJ Has Spent Over $17 MILLION on Russia Probe So Far

You guys never complained about all the millions spent on Benghaziiiiiiiiiiii. :rofl:

Having such a good time on the govt dime, no wonder they don’t want to end it.

Yep. The members of the trump administration are like pigs in ■■■■.

the American left loved Mussolini for making the trains run on time.

Yes, because, you see, I’m not a lib. But Trump spends more time golfing that any other president had, and he constantly said he would not. That part is the big stickler for me.

At $3.6 million per trip to Marred-A-Lago to cheat at golf and hob knob with his uber rich buddies no one on the Right need commiserate about the cost of the Mueller probe.

No, the entire whine is because HIllary lost and the left had to find someone to blame.

Don’t ever complain that it is Trump who is causing divisiveness in this country after posting garbage like that.

Trump reaches well over THREE HUNDRED AMERICANS with is divisiveness.

Apocalypto reached what, three of us?

Yeah, Righteous comparison, Righteous!


Maybe even 4 hundred. But its not because of the will, its only because of the way. He gets no complaints.

So says Herr Trump!

(and you willingly repeat the baseless propaganda. Good job!)

The FBI agents that questioned Flynn said he didn’t lie. He pleaded guilty for other reasons. He lost everything he had defending himself for no good reason.

Trump fired him because he lied to VP Pence. That wasn’t a crime.

For what reason?

You need to share your rule book with us sometime.

He’ll complain if he likes, of course, at which point you’ll share more of your rules if you like.

Interesting. So he didn’t lie, yet he is going to plead guilty to lying.

Perhaps you should ponder the reason(s) why.

(I know why)

That’s the reason they gave. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows the real reason. He was a liability after getting caught by the media and had to go. They gave the convenient excuse of lying to Pence.

And you bought it.

You should check out his signed guilty plea. He pleaded guilty to lying, known as “false statements” in legal-ese. I’m not sure what FBI agents have to do with it, since the accused admitted to it.

$17 million is what it costs Americans for 4.7 Fat Donald round trips trips to golf at Marred-A-Lago.

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Yes. He did plead guilty, but the FBI agents that questioned him, said he didn’t lie.

"The Mueller team was putting pressure on Flynn, the article stated, threatening that his son may be implicated, too.

“If the elder Flynn is willing to cooperate with investigators in order to help his son,” anonymous sources told NBC, “it could also change his own fate, potentially limiting any legal consequences.”

Later that month, Flynn entered his plea. No charges were brought against his son."

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Compared to the Benghazi and email investigations small potato’s. Both of those took more time, and more money, and they didn’t produce a single indictment or guilty plea.

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The Epoch Times link to the “heavily redacted report” is broken. It wouldn’t change the fact that he signed a legally binding plea that states he lied. You and whoever can deny it, or try to justify it by plea deals, but he said he did it and that’s all that matters.