MUELLER’S MADNESS: The Special Counsel is CONVINCED Russia is Spying on his Russia PROBE

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Special counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly convinced that Russian agents are attempting to gather intelligence on his collusion probe; going so far as to request a “protective order” Tuesday to keep Kremlin-backed officials from gaining access to the investigation.

According to Law & Crime, Mueller and his top deputy Rush Atkinson “filed a 14-page motion” this week that argued his team should no longer be forced to disseminate key material to a Russian company indicted for meddling on social media.

“After review of the materials, defense counsel could seek permission from the Court to make additional disclosures. For any foreign national to whom defense counsel wishes to disclose sensitive materials, defense counsel would provide a firewall counsel for the government (separate from the prosecution team) with the name of any such individual contemporaneous to its request for Court approval,” states the motion.

The special counsel’s team is convinced that Concord Management -the indicted Russian company- would likely share any information it receives from Mueller with the Kremlin.

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