MUELLER RESPONDS: The Special Counsel Reacts to Flynn Memo Deadline | Sean Hannity

Special counsel Robert Mueller officially responded to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo Friday; saying the “defendant chose to make false statements about his communications” with the Russian ambassador.

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The important thing no one seems to be realizing is the agent who did not think he was lied to was in a position to know with certainty. He had used the transcripts to prepare for the interview !!! It was a fact he was stating.

With the Dims taking the house, they will encourage and push Mueller to continue this mess and absolutely NOTHING will be done about Comey, Lynch, Yates, Strzok, Ohr, etc. WHEN will these people be arrested and charged? (Comey, at the very least, should be fined the millions he made off his book, and his pension cut off.)
Waters, Schiff and the like continue to tear this country apart with their impeach rhetoric.
WHEN will this end?

Sean will repeat it until Linda has to drag in an oxygen tank to keep him alive. There’s no crime in the election of Trump. All the crime points to Obama, Clinton, and all their underlings. They just keep dumping sewage into the water so the American people sees nothing but crap, and the republican water filters just can’t keep up. It’s been going on for over 2 years and those of us who are aware, are just getting tired of it.

strong text George, George, Well darn you George why do you have to park yourself in the outhouse every morning?
Well,Dorothy I haven’t heard you pass gas in near 50 years of marriage and normal folks like the cows fart.
Now, you needn’t be a sassy talking me like that.
Well, I was going to tell you the Mueller boy is lying again like wet hay. I told you Dorothy he ain’t worth what I’m looking at on this piece of newspaper, as you used all those baby wipes we got in the mail.
He is no more than a ferrel cat but its looking like his castle is startin to crumble.
That Flynn man is am American hero and that Mueller boy better be readin Dorian Gray as Bobby ain’t to far from the devil himself.
I think he likes hurtin plain folks, but our President is surely a dogs life from plain, I got to tell you.
All he has to do is go to NYC and talk to that Godfather fella and he will end up as a hamburger patty down the diner. lol
I wonder if he is God fearing man that Bobby Mueller?
And if anyone’s name was not written in the book of life, he was thrown in the lake of fire.
Well, Mercy me, You do listen in church. Well to be honest he surely will burn as he’s a wicked man.
Well, He will be burning with that Clinton couple and that dirty man Podesta, he will be down the 9th ring of hell.
We josh each other a lot honey, but there is a bunch of people in Washington that are evil, pure evil, and I will surely pray for them Sunday, and I might go to Saturday service also.
I been tellin you for the last two years the God we know has already made up His mind about these people that have been a badgering the President.
They are everything this country is not and in a blink they will be taking their last breath and it will only be at that moment they will realize that they will never know Paradise.
That’s well said honey, now getta movin and get me some o that Wall Street Journal as that’s a whole lot easier on my behind.
I told you last time we went to town to dine, to grab all the napkins dang it, but not you.
God expects us to, and so does MacDonals for jezz sakes.
Well we do have one hope and that’s Lindsey Graham boy
He gets off kilter from time to time and we know he is full of the Holy Spirit and right now he does not know how powerful he is at this moment.
Who woulda guessed that a boy we practically raised would land in between our good President and that school of pure evildoers that are presently running this country.
I would not worry to much on that as that President is smarter than that Red Fox that has been eating our ducks for five years now, and had it, she had pups this past spring.

Talking to the Russians was not a crime. He was set up by the FBI in an attempt to get anything on anyone involved with the Trump campaign. What he should have told them, "It is none of your f…g business! Lying in an entrapment scheme should not be a crime. Talking to the Russians certainly wasn’t.
Trump paying of Stormy Daniels was not a crime and he didn’t lie about that. Campaign funds were not used and he was not president at the time. If you tell a lie over and over, no one cares after a while and it becomes the truth. “Stalin”.