Mueller probing donations with foreign connections to Trump inauguration

“Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has questioned several witnesses about millions of dollars in donations to President Donald Trump’s inauguration committee last year, including questions about donors with connections to Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, sources with direct knowledge told ABC News.”

So, where do you America first guys stand on foreign entities having influence (with respect to donating to/buying US politicians)? At one point most people hated it. How many of you have changed now?

I was under the impression anyone could contribute to that committee?

However, reviewing the list of donors could be beneficial to the broader investigation.

How about one thing at a time here folks. First…it’s Miss Piggy. Then…it’s Russians colluding with Donald Trump to sway the election and they form a special prosecutor. As that is proving to be a nothing burger, it’s Stormy Daniels on every MSM station. Now that that too has run it’s course, is this the next BS lib talking point, nothing burger? Not that I approve of corruption but if this is a bombshell, why aren’t the found Hillary emails proving pay for play between herself, the Clinton Foundation and a myriad of culprits?

Oh, they can. Many people, previously of course, didn’t want foreign money/influence in our government. All that’s changed.

The Mueller probe has not proven to be a “nothing burfer”, you should stop drinking the Right Wing koolaid.

So what if Stormy Daniel’s is exercising her prerogative to speak out to any outlet she can attract? That is no different than Trump.

So. Continuing a Republican three decade long vendetta against Hillary Clinton is just dandy but you think everything involving looking at Donny Trump has “run it’s course”? Talk about blatant political hypocrisy.

Too funny.

Actually none of us know what Mueller really has. It’s all just speculation coming from the hard right (they have nothing) or the hard left (he’s going to jail).

My guess is the truth is somewhere in the middle.

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Do you remember years ago who told you you were a lib, before you actually came out?:sunglasses:

What was your position on this?


Argeros gave $75,800 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2012 and subsequently donated $100,000 to the committee funding Obama’s re-inauguration in 2013, federal records show.

In a plea deal with federal prosecutors, Argeros admitted to teaming up with New Jersey limousine driver Bilal Shehu to receive $80,000 “from a foreign source” and route it to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee supporting Obama’s reelection bid and other Democratic candidates.

The funds were used to get Albanian politician Edi Rama into an Obama fundraiser in San Francisco. Rama later used a photo with Obama to suggest Obama supported Rama’s bid for prime minister, a post he won following a parliamentary election in June 2013.

Remember when Obama was arrested for it? Me either.

Almost two years ago I started a thread regarding the coordinated, corrupt collusion I suspected at the highest levels of government working together to cover for Hillary and sway the election away from Trump. This investigation into Trump has done more to prove that correct, than to find any evidence of Trump colluding with Russia. When the IG report comes out, I believe this exposure of the truth will hit warp speed and I can’t wait.