Mueller issues rare statement disputing buzzfeed report


What’s also funny is how quickly the Trumpbots turned Mueller from a villain to a hero.


Lots of parsing going on but honestly it’s hard to say exactly what the clarification was all about. Hopefully he’ll be a little more specific.


So you’re not a law and order guy, huh?


So trump doesn’t lie, he tells jokes? Like that knee slapper about 4000 terrorists at the southern border?


Lol at how giddy you turkeys are that they said part of buzzfeeds statement was inaccurate. Talk about hanging desperately to a tenuous thread…


Embracing Bob meuller’s investigstion whole doing so too.


Seriously. It’ll be like we didn’t have text messages and emails, we had written documents.


The apologists, defenders, and water carriers will all end up with a half baked ham and cheese omelet on their face in due time.


Once again you lefty’s desperately cling to fake news stories that are dismissed over and over…hahaha. President Trump is so far ahead of these media clowns it’s hilarious…2020 year of the trump.


Hold on to that silly statement when the walls come tumbling down. And you Trumpheads are going to look so ridiculous. I’m already laughing at how silly the statements you guys are making. Completely divorced from reality.


The president lies on a constant basis and yet its the “media” that is a complete failure? Spare me the theatric, you should try holding the president to a higher or at least the same bar as you do the “MSM”


Trump head vs loser lefty #proudtrumphead


OK, thanks for the reply.

Alright then, we’ll see how this comes out, sooner than later I’m guessing.


Yeah. Like the liberal media and Dem posters in this thread didn’t think it changed anything when it first came out and they declared the Trump impeachment right around the corner. Sorry, its too late to downplay this probable hoax that me mainstream liberal media was involved in now.


And how many lies/hoax… er… I mean “jokes” can we expect from Trump today?


We’ll see what happens when Cohen testifies.


That’s pretty much it…Mueller is letting us know that that info didn’t come from his investigation. Is the WH trying to get ahead of it again?


I didn’t realize we had people on these boards who thought WATERGATE was a witch hunt and Nixon was unfairly tagged.

Wow…I always knew those people existed but thought they were rare.

Every day my eyes are opened more…


“Mexico will pay for the wall” was a joke?

I’m so glad we’ve got the expert to parse these things to let us know what things we’re supposed to take seriously, and what are just “jokes”.


About as dumb as everything Trump says is just hyperbole.