Mueller issues rare statement disputing buzzfeed report


I said he resigned. I bet your world is shaded with the fog of lies.


You’re a little out of touch again Crat.

What is now? Over 36 indictments with 7 guilty pleas so far? :rofl:


Yeah, let’s just pretend the rest of your post wasn’t trying to lay all of his woes on the dems.


The left wingers at the MSM have nothing but their narrative…

If anything yesterday should have ripped that bandaid off for anyone who hasn’t realized that yet.

They’ve created a narrative that has very little to do with reality and exists only because they stick together. Only because they hate Trump and live their own power more than they care about the country.


A List of petty nothingness…

Collusion delusion is the same disease they lets dems believe the MSM even after 3 years of all ginned up for nothing, over and over…


:rofl: Says one of the Trump faithful after what is it now, about 7,000 false or misleading statements from your orange god?


Yes, and it’s bordering on insanity now… Insane = doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results…


“I never said there was no collusion with the campaign.” :rofl:


Except the things you call lies are jokes, and jabs at the media to see them go insane. Like “Mexico will pay for the wall”…

Libs often hide behind volumes of half truths on a list. Been doing that forever


Libs looking for the holy grail… Collusion delusion


And now all of you disciples are going to fall in step and pretend all of you, along with the idiots at his rallies never really believed Mexico would pay for the wall.

Wow! You’re all like abused wives who think it’s your fault and refuse to wake up to reality.

In the words of your abuser. SAD!


At least some at CNN are seeing the light of what that story has done for media.

“This is a bad day for the news media. Let’s not kid ourselves,” Toobin said on CNN. “The larger message that a lot of people are going to take from this story is that the news media are a bunch of leftist liars who are dying to get the president, and they’re willing to lie to do it.”


oooooooh good one. The resurrecting the “orange” attack. The alt-left is highly triggered. Trump won the internet 3 days in a row now. Must be exhausting for the ardent TDS cult members.


Since the original Buzzfeed article doesn’t specify the content of the documents, the emails, or who originated them, it is a little ridiculous for Buzzfeed to complain about something needing to be made less vague.


Trump has done a good job of getting all of you to move that bar as far as you can with the “no collusion” thing, but the how, why, when and where of the interference is the important thing. If that includes some help from the Trump campaign to the Russians in targeting their propaganda by providing them with data then so be it.

But it seems really un-American to be against this investigation in such a strong way only because your orange god has told you to be.

Trump over and over again during campaign and after being elected “I don’t do any business in Russia, I don’t care about Russia” and then you find out he was definitely dealing with them trying to get a Trump tower in Moscow and you just blow it off like it’s nothing. Along with all of the other “jokes”.

I know Trump supporters can’t see it, but it’s pathetic the lengths you all go to in order to Trumpsplain things away.


Why would Mueller clarify his statement?


It moved from “Russian Collision” to “Russian Conclusion” a long time ago.
Alt-Left is simply late to catch up.


Regarding the statement from the special council, I’m inclined to believe a former spokesman for the DOJ that I heard on MSNBC last night that the special councils office would not have made this statement unless there were problems with the main thrust of the buzzfeed story.

So while I still believe buzzfeed is reporting what they were told in good faith and that they have reason to believe their sources are strong it is certainly possible that the sources have bad information in this instance somehow.

But it is hilarious to see the trump bots glom onto this like it changes everything that has already come out about Trump and his campaign’s dealings with the Russians.


The buzzard is in the tuba. I repeat, the buzzard is in the tuba!


Which will be what he is most remembered for.