Mueller issues rare statement disputing buzzfeed report


Doug believes everything in the dossier has been proven false.


My understanding is the Dem’s in charge now said there would be no questions on topics included in the Mueller investigation. Republican’s said they should be able to question him on anything if he is appearing.


Hover over the footnote numbers and you can see where it came from.


The poster could have easily provided a link.


As long as there is a link embeded in the words to where it came from, it’s attributed.

Not like some who hide the link in a single word. Those I HATE with a passion, but guess what, they are properly attributed as well.

No more on this topic.


The intent is clear.


Fox News has no reason to consider themselves a critic of journalism given they don’t know what journalsm is. Let’s see if Mueller clarifies his statement so we know what really is at issue here.


Buzzfeed stands by the reporting as of this writing and encourages the special counsel to specify what part of the story they are disputing.

lol at cons badmouthing buzzfeed.


Owe, you were being serious. Whatever so called “credibility” Buzz Buzz had,
is quickly diminishing. I think the queen of their colony just died.


He helped get OJ off


Mueller nor Trump denied the story. Mueller said it was inaccurate. It could mean many things


Many people have said we need to wait until the Mueller investigation is finished and he issues his final report. I guess what happened here proves that to be true.

Also no other news source had been able to confirm the Buzzfeed story before the Mueller team issued the statement.

Hoping the Mueller investigation wraps up soon as this has been dragging on for a long time.


Not really…


The sun peaked out from behind the clouds but there are many more on the horizon


I came to this forum today to see what the reaction was, not just to Buzzfeed’s complete failure of journalism yesterday but the complete failure of many elements of the media to act responsibly in it’s wake.
MSNBC and CNN used the word impeach almost 200 times yesterday in connection with that fake story.

I watched some MSNBC and some CNN yesterday just out of curiousity and it was embarrassing. The words “If true” followed by some version of impeachment or the end of Trump’s presidency don’t justify the rush to judgement the left wing networks entered into yesterday. Did someone in this thread really comment that Buzzfeed is more credible than Fox. It’s pretty early in the year but we have a winner for most ridiculous post of the year.

Yesterday was an example of exactly what I was talking about the last time I posted on this thread, a post that was removed for some reason but, whatever. Yesterday was a microcosm of what we’ve seen for 2 years. We get it, you folks on the left hate Donald Trump. He’s not part of the establishment and he had the nerve to beat Hillary Clinton in an election…but the only thing that came from yesterday was verification of the idea that there’s no reason to trust more than just Buzzfeed, but why should I take anything on CNN or MSNBC or any of the other news sources who are part of the 90% negative faction reporting on Trump seriously. When MSNBC or CNN tell me it’s the Trump shutdown or the border situation is a manufactured crisis why should I believe them. They just spent 24 hours telling me about an impeachment that isn’t going to happen…

Sadly, those people who were all sitting there with poop eating grins on their faces yesterday ready to impeach the president over the latest piece of fake news, none of them will be held responsible for their fake “reporting”. The next time an opportunity to slam the president, the administration, and the people who exercised their Constitutional right to vote for conservative candidates they’ll take it and we’ll get another day just like yesterday, true or not.

The media needs to recognize something, it has one job. To get the story right…For two years they’ve been getting it wrong…How many times has Trump been going to fire Mueller, Don Jr. been going to jail, that stupid fake dossier, This time we’ve got him? It’s always crap…always.

Maybe the folks at CNN and MSNBC and the rest should recognize something…the Trump presidency will end someday, but the press will continue. Question to the press…Why should I believe you? Your credibility is shot kids…


It was a witch-hunt and the beginning of leftist political corruption. Nixon resigned & there were no indictments of any kind because President Ford took preemptive action and pardoned Nixon of any crimes that the left could whip up.


Nothing burgers and fake fries. After 3 years the dems must be real skinny…LMAO!


Whitewater was 6yrs and 8 mo. Bet you’d like a little more time spent on that one though, eh?


Republicans told Nixon to resign or be impeached.

I bet the sky is a lovely magenta in your world, isn’t it?


Anyone who still believes the MSM after this just can’t learn…

Dysfunction, projection, compartmentalization are the mental diseases of our leftist media and it’s followers…