Mueller issues grand jury subpoenas to Trump adviser's social media consultant

Drip drip drip.


Looks like he’s closing in.

now, that is very interesting.

I hope that Roger Stone is doing hard time once this thing is all said and done.

You got him now!!!

no one has anyone at the moment. the investigation isn’t complete.

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If some of the allegations against him prove to be true, I couldn’t agree more. He is a horrible, horrible human being. Which is no surprise that he and Trump have been close for some time.

Is the noose is tightening around Roger’s neck?

I’m surprised by how filling these nothing burgers are.

Advisor to Trump
Media consultant to advisor to Trump

I see. Well …

You got him THIS time. HAHAHAGAGAGA…

but it’s good enough for innuendo… guys.

Most definitely

To be honest, SaysWho, they are very addicting and each one leaves me wanting another one.

It’s just another wad of mud tossed at the wall.

Stories like this one are like the keep alive power that go to high voltage amplifiers, to keep them warmed up and ready to go. These stories help keep the hopes warmed up for the Trump-hating world, so they don’t go more than a week or so without another wad of mud tossed at the wall.