Mueller Investigation to end Sept 1st

This might explain why Trump is turning up the heat by continuing to trash the DOJ, FBI and the Special Counsels office. He knows his end is near…

Funny the Republicans want this to end after a year but didn’t mind the 4 year impeachment of Clinton…

Right on time for a mid term report.

This is only the “Russian obstruction” part being talked about.

I don’t know why Donny would be worried, the Republican Congress has his ass and won’t act on any possible Mueller criminal recommendations.

According to Giuliani. Whatever that’s worth.

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That is what I was going to say…Rudy hasn’t been very truthful as of late.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he just made it up, along with that, not wanting to influence the midterms stuff in an attempt to put pressure on them to end it.

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After watching that insane interview on CNN, only a partisan hack would believe anything coming out of Giuliani’s mouth.


That’s different! Unlike Donald, Clinton was corrupt…er, and a womanizer, and uh…seriously self-absorbed…and consumed by greed…and…wow, did he really lie a lot…good thing Donald isn’t…uh…any of those things…

You know what? Libs are upset. Nothing else matters.

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Yea, I offered this up with a huge grain of salt. I guess we will see this week if it is in fact true.

Still waiting for the Obama administration ending big reveal from Glenn Beck.

Like so many other Republican “big, really big” breaking news promises, I will not be waiting with any great anticipation.

Would be hard pressed to believe Mueller would tell Rudy the time of day much less the time frame on his probe.


In addition, Rudy and Trump know they can say pretty much whatever they want to say to Fox et al because Mueller and his team will make no effort to contradict them. Very, very tight lipped is that investigation. So, the Trump team can misrepresent communications with Mueller and selectively disclose communications with Mueller to their hearts’ content.



A case study in principled and unprincipled behavior.

Yeah, I think that’s the key thing here. Since when has Giuliani gotten anything right? I don’t believe this for a minute.

More media manipulation by Trump and friends. Trump supporters will jump all over this one. Hope Mueller makes them cry.

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Rudy sold out to Trumpism. He’s just an old, washed up, has-been who has signed his name on the dotted line and now happily lies for Trump. Just like everyone else in his administration. I wouldn’t believe a thing he says.

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sounds legit…

It hurts our country for one thing. Maybe President Trump is worried about our asses.