Mueller findings show Trump lied about FBI, his attempt to destroy the agency failed

“I don’t think that we’ve seen in the history of our country, the president try to burn down an institution of justice because he saw it as a threat,” Comey said. “And the lies he told, forget about me, the lies he told about the agents of the FBI, ‘storm troopers,’ the lies he told about Bob Mueller, were terrible.”

“But in the long run, the institutions will be fine, because the American people know them and also know this president, know what he’s like,” Comey added. “I think the people of the United States are going to see what I know about the FBI: These are people who are not in anyone’s tribe, they’re trying to find the facts.”

If there are any Americans left that don’t realize that Donald Trump tried to burn down a bunch of American institutions because they were a threat to him then they haven’t been paying attention. Those two paragraphs above are about right.

And if military people started saying bad things about Donald Trump he would try to burn the military down too. It’s just who he is.

Comey needs to just come out and say what he knows…

Release the Mueller report!

Comey is attempting to associate the criticism of him specifically as if it was directed at the entire FBI. It wasn’t Jimmy. It was directed at you and your corrupt handling of the Clinton investigation.


This is so wrong. Trump demoralized the FBI in his tweets, not just Comey.

His action against clinton gave trump the win…

Quite the pickle for you

Strozk, McCabe, Page…but made the point that the agents that made up the FBI were fine people. If you have a tweet you’d like to share, do so.

Yeah, yeah…hey Hillary…is that you?

For all of Trump’s whining: Comey publicized the investigation of Clinton, first with his denunciations while announcing not to indict and second with his “reopening” the investigation eight days before the election after finding the Weiner laptop. He never announced that the FBI as probing the Trump campaign. Quite the favor to Trump – because the truest nothingberder was the Weiner laptop. But from Trump on down, this clear protection of Trump’s campaign is never acknowledged.


I don’t retweet idiots but surely you remember him saying they were in shambles. Cmon, you can’t defend this.

Yeah thats right…deflect as usual

That’s because it’s total BS. Comey discovered that even more emails had been transferred by Huma to her husband’s laptop…another unsecured device. If he said nothing, his collusion was obvious. He covered his butt while minimizing the damage to her as much as he could.

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And you are already moving the goalposts by adding three more names. What a fail.

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IOW…you can’t back up what you said.

No, in other words, your post was completely inaccurate.

I did not say he was wrong to announce the discovery of the emails on Abedin’s laptop… he was wrong to disclose inquiries into one campaign but not the other. You picked the wrong point to focus on, which is a key to “exonerating” Trump.


Rewriting of history in real time.

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I keep saying that as long as Donald Trump repeats 6 things that are harped on from Republican media that he’s golden with the base. To be honest is really just one thing. It’s so burned into some people’s souls.

Trump was really smart to sense what was so critical to so many republicans. It’s why they’re so emotionally defending him and why they’ll vote for him again no matter what else he does. No matter how his actions affect the grand kids of this generation.

His criticism is entirely warranted. You should need some pretty rock solid evidence a crime had been committed to open an investigation of a Presidential candidate during an election. I don’t expect liberals here to agree, until it happens to a democratic candidate during a republican administration, they’ll understand it just fine then.

Do you also include the FISA court judges in this criticism? After all, the FBI is limited by what a court authorizes…