Mueller files status report highlighting cooperation by key witness (Gates)

Gates is continuing to help Mueller in a bunch of different investigations. So Mueller is saying that he still shouldn’t be sentenced since he’s gonna help bust other lawbreakers.

Law and Order.

No end to the prosecutions any time soon, it would seem.

He saw his shadow, and now it’s 18 more months of “investigations.”

Collusion gimps UNITE!!!


I don’t think we’re that far away, but the fact that he’s still at work has to be pissing off Trump.

counting the trials, continuances and appeals (and additional law breaking they discover), i’d say the whole thing lasts 5-10 more years.

I’m hoping the Mueller report is released on March 15th - the day that debts became due in old Rome. The Ides of March if you will.

How dare they haven’t finished their jobs? On TV they solve these cases in an hour!

McCloud wouldn’t have let this go on so long.

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Danny Reagan would’ve personally chased them all down while wearing a suit.

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DON’T mess with…


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Rolling up the Trump crime family is going to take quite a lot of work, obviously. It’s not surprising considering how much corrupt activity they’ve been involved in. Just be patient - it’s only been a few weeks since the last sentencing.


Columbo wouldn’t have even dressed up.


Just one more question…

and it woulda been over. Done with.

How dare Mueller not close down the investigation within 24 hours of inception wtih absolutely no investigation! Didn’t he know he wasn’t suppose to do his job??

However long you guys are comfortable with “putin’s puppet” being your president is fine with me.

He’s your president after all.

it’ll take a long time. but it’ll be worth it for our country to learn this lesson and then be much more proactive regarding this cyber war we’re in.

You’re right! hussein was a tremendous failure.

He did bluff his way to an American invasion of his country and got himself hung…

The other failure named hussein. The kenyan ladyboy.