Mueller Coverup

I believe that everyone is missing what is really happening with the Mueller investigation. It is being used as a coverup to destroy all of the Democrats illegal dealings under the Obama administration.

Rosestein, Mueller have been fixing all of Hillary Clinton’s emails the collusion between Democrats and Russia, Obama’s fraud on all Americans and the corruption in the FBI.

You can’t tell me it takes 2 years to investigate Trump when texts from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page disappear from Muellers team.


Neat! You roll with this


At this point I just want it to be over, I actually used to watch CNN some especially Anderson Cooper before the Russian probe, two years now 24/7 coverage I just tuned out, plus I can always come here and catch up since half of the front page is full of Mueller threads. Whatever happens happens just end it already.

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Yeah, that sounds reasonable. For a Sunday morning cartoon maybe.

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Where is John Huber?

The Mueller investigation is not built on conspiracy (CEC) theories.

I love how Republican Media comes up with these soothing stories.

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Republicans appointed Mueller.

Republicans hold the executive branch of the federal government right now.

Republicans in both the executive and the senate can initiate investigations into “democrats illegal dealings under the Obama administration” any time they want and no one can stop them.

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Yeah, it’s easy to picture a bunch of trump supporters in their PJs gathering around a TV playing Fox News. A story before bedtime.

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I gave your OP a Heart vote!

That is because laughter is the best medicine, and after reading the OP, I am cured of everything that was ailing me!

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I get it.

The Democrats colluded with Russia during the election. They hired an organization which in turn hired an English spy to have conversations with friends in Russia so that he could file a report which he 1) made clear was unsubstantiated; and 2) he was completely open about having done.

The Trump organization, in contrast, must be innocent. After all, all they did was have numerous campaign officials meet secretly with Russian officials, oligarchs and representatives of Russia’s power elite and then lie in every instance by denying the meetings took place, and when found out presented endlessly shifting stories of what was discussed in the meetings.

The Trump campaign shared its internal polling data with Russian sources; the Democrats did not do so, obviously more proof of Democratic guilt

The Trump campaign made extensive use of internal Democratic emails that were stolen by Russian intelligence. The Democrats made no use of stolen goods from Russia but that was probably to throw us off the scent of how deep their collusion with the Russians was.

I suppose Peter Strzok’s years of being one of the FBI’s most effective counter-intelligence agent outing Russian spies was all a cover for his eventual plan to collude with Russia to bring down Donald Trump.

Case closed. The Democrats are guilty! Why didn’t I see it earlier?


I totally understand a post like this. Trump seems extremely corrupt. Did you know that six of his top associates have been found guilty? That’s hard to hear, I imagine. It might be a safe guess that other indictments are coming down the line. That’s a lot of pressure to be under. Not to mention Trump has failed at building that wall. Disappointing.

Fun fact, Mueller has only been on the case for 21 months. Not even two years yet! Guess how long Whitewater investigation took. Seven years! I guess we will have to be patient. I cannot wait for the results, too.


It’s interesting. When typed out like this the wild-eyed conspiracy theory conjured by the CEC sounds downright crazy and void of any semblance of logic or rationality.

I love this so much. It should be stickied for everyone to read.


I see what’s going on at talk radio today. And another fired-up new member?

This isn’t the first time.

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Q spreads his gospel I see.

Those of the short attention span don’t remember the last time they made this meme a thing.

Do you have any proof of any of this or are you just having a pro-Trump dream?

Deep State deeply at work.

Let’s be clear. If Mueller was investigating You … and you had unlimited amounts of money to put a legal and PR team together, what’s the first thing on the brainstorming list… exactly, DISCREDIT THE INVESTIGATORS! Initially, we all laughed bc mueller has such an impeccable reputation dating back over 30 years… but add a few doses of texts from a couple trump haters (literally every other person in america), and crazy uncle Rudy and poof… it is actually working??? What happens when Mueller comes back with no evidence of collision? Is he still covering up HRC? Lol. Please, of all the policiticans involved in this fiasco… mueller is the least likely to be corrupt. Just bc he’s looking into a guy you voted for, doesn’t mean he’s evil, it just means the guy you voted for May be