Mueller Catches Manafort Witness Tampering

I just don’t understand how some people think they can get away with things. Doesn’t Manafort know (or his lawyer) that every move he makes (not making a Police reference here) is being watched.

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These people think the law doesn’t apply to them. Luckily, this is not Russia… yet!

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Agreed. Perhaps he spent so many years in Ukrainian and Russian politicking he forgot what it is like to operate in a system that is not as corrupt as those? :joy:

A desperate move by a desperate man. I believe that Manafort does not have enough of a bargaining chip to make a deal with Mueller. And he has been watching Trump throw him under the bus lately. I think that his mindset is that a pardon will not be coming his way. So time for drastic measures.

Nothing to do with collusion… Why is there even a SC for an intel investigation?

It used to be the news cycle was Kushner, to Manafort to Flynn Nice two or 3 week cycle. Sometimes they used an old story to gin up lefty… Now it’s just Manafort… Bunch of old stuff that was not prosecuted at the time but was known…

It’s a political persecution.

Mueller’s filing shows that as soon as Gates flipped, Manafort started tampering with members of the Mercury Group on new criminal evidence raised in the Gates filing.

Mueller seems to be toying with Manafort at this point, getting Manafort to make bail with assets that aren’t the result of money laundering until he doesn’t have anything left, get the judge to rule he’s a flight risk and then this, which Mueller has had in his back pocket since at least May 18th and maybe going back to February of 18. Paul Manafort is very likely headed to prison while awaiting his trial. Mueller got him to pledge his very last remaining liquid assets before moving to get his bail revoked. Big fan of Muellers work :smiley:

The best part is, Paul Manafort, Old Person thought he was being slick by using WhatsApp, an encrypted messaging app. Then he backed it up to iCloud, which removes the encryption as it states very clearly in the app…lmao.

Donald Trump once suggested Manafort was his “firewall”. That would explain his frantic tweeting of late, when even Donald Trump realizes how deep the **** Manafort is in and the pressure for him to flip becomes.



So Manafort should get a pass for tampering with witnesses?

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I don’t recall posting any such thing.

Still holding water for Lord Trump??

Lock him up.

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