Mueller Catches Manafort Witness Tampering

I thought we were done for the day, but nope, Trump is President.

Manafort is in it deeeeeep.

Did you read down to this part?


though the charges do not relate to campaign activities.

Trump only hires the best people

Thank you for keeping us focused on the most important point.

Seems relevant given what Meuller is supposed to be investigating.

Should we post Mueller’s appointment letter for the millionth time?

wow well then…stop everything…

Sure, if you were trying to deflect from the actual point the thread.


man this is really starting to mirror Watergate

What was the point again? Someone associated with Trump allegedly committed crimes unrelated to what Meuller is ostensibly investigating? Yawn.

Ya boy’s campaign chairman was caught allegedly witness tampering. That’s the point.

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Just when things couldn’t look more grim for Manafort…

A) He’s not “my boy” and B) yawn

Oh, he’s ya boy.


lol - “Someone associated with Trump”

Go read the first part of that sentence you were too afraid to post.

Really an insignificant pretense at impartiality. Although this instance had absolutely nothing to do with Trump, Trump’s name is used several times in the article. The OP author picked up on it, and threw in “Trump is President”, which again is totally irrelevant to what Manafort did.

It is the old trick of: There was a volcano going off in Indonesia. “Trump”
And it works.

Oh wow. What an idiot to even try something like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this lands him in jail while awaiting his trial.

I think I saw something where Mueller ordered (or requested) that Manafort be placed in jail.

It’ll be interesting to see how she rules on this one. But I’d be surprised if she does not place him in jail to await the trial. Witness tampering will be just another charge levied at him now too. What a buffoon. :rofl:

Only the best…

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