Mueller asking for 70 new subpoenas

Sorry if i didnt link it right.

Wants 70 new subpeonas for people to appear on July 10th. So much for Rudy wrapping this up in two weeks, which is also today.

LOL. Heads are going to explode.

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Yep…pretty much.

Witch Hunt!

Which hunt?

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Helen Hunt!


Good for Mueller. He must be finding criminal acts under every stone that is getting turned over in this probe.

Rudy is looking to run for the Presidency in 2020.

Are there really any unexploded heads left in America?


I guess the good news is that Trump’s Twitter thumbs are going to get quite a workout for the next couple of days…

It’s actually 35. There are copies of each.

This is it! This is the big one! Yep, you got The Tater!

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75 charges have been filed against 19 Witches.
4 Witches have pled guilty.
5 Witches are cooperating with Mueller.
Which Witch will take him down?
Got me.


Hopeful. I want him impeached. I know who the VP is.

Then, why the sarcasm?

I can handle policy differences. Hey, you won the election. This is America. But for Christ’s sake, respect the office, respect the institutions, be professional and don’t act like teenage girl. Pence can do that. And it shows by how quiet Pence has been on all of these issues.

The lib vapors warrants it.

And I want you guys to stop fooling around with porn actresses and get serious. Is she Russian?

Agreed. Where were you in 1998?

Is there an Attorney General in the house? The entire Mueller investigation was a set up in the first place as Comey has proudly admitted during his book tour so its time for Sessions to get off his rear and END this mess. And if he won’t do it then its time for Trump to take charge and fire Sessions and Rosenstein and get some people in the DOJ that have his back and actually care about the country and not a bunch of left over liberal political hacks or weenie RINO’s!

TWEET it out Mr. President and then follow up with 10-15 minute TV explanation to the nation. There was no way to really know how filthy the DC Swamp is and there are more important business to attend to such as the possibility of de-nuking the Korean peninsula, Iran, new trade deals, foreign policies as well as the VA and domestic issues like the economy, jobs, illegal immigration and the wall, America and the American people do not need this Mueller mess that feeds the mental illness of Trump Derangement, division and hate.

I keep saying this but I can’t believe I’ve actually lived through two Watergates. Attacking the press. Lies. Covert political operations. People arrested. People rolling. Diehards lashing out. Insecure president. Decent vice president. Lengthy investigation.

The only thing we’re missing is the Smoking Gun and the David Frost interviews.

You can’t say the Republican presidents during my lifetime have not been entertaining.