Mueller and his band of thugs may be in heap of trouble


well, to be fair, they approve Barr’s characterization of the Mueller’s report.


Hmm - that’s a good point. I may have to bookmark this thread and revive it around time for the NFL season when we start hearing about how bad it is for football players to be protesting LE.


Trump knows that people have been caught in this web of deceit and will pardon when it is appropriate and in my mind, that was yesterday.


:joy::rofl: good lord


Robert Mueller is a Republican… If you wish to declare him a RINO that is your choice, but a simple adherence to facts requires you not assign Mueller to the Democratic Party.


What, say (write) something that’s not true?
No, that’s Trump’s job, and the job of his various lackeys and stooges.


Of course the other way to read this is that Mueller knew any attempt to claim obstruction would be overturned by Robert Barr, since Barr auditioned for the A.G. job by writing an Op. Ed. promising there were no grounds under any condition in which he would find Trump committed obstruction.

Rather than be overruled, Mueller sent a message that there is evidence here regardless of Barr’s barriers. All the more reason why we need to see Mueller’s Report and not Barr’s summary.


Manaforts crimes were unrelated to the campaign so surely you dont mean him


A “no brainer” indeed. Truer words were never spoken…those of you with no brains.